Introduction: How to Draw Creed Diskenth

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So, many people have watched the anime Black Cat. Although I will be teaching you how to draw the manga version of Creed. I find him to be cuter as well as imagine blade is better and longer. So, lets get started!

Step 1: Start!

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We will start by drawing the head. Draw a circle, add guide lines for the facial features.

Step 2: Base

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Draw a simple skeleton then flesh it out.

Step 3: Erase and Add

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Erase any unnecessary lines. Draw in the imagine blade.

Step 4: Clothes

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Draw the basic shape of his clothes.

Step 5: Fix

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Refine Creed-san's body and clothes.

Step 6: Almost

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Draw Creed's hair and facial features.

Step 7: Nearly There!

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Shade and refine anything you wish.

Step 8: Done!

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Now sit your butt back and enjoy your little Creed Diskenth! Also I was impatient and drew this quickly so it's not that good. The one below is better.

Step 9:

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