How to Draw Homura Akemi




Introduction: How to Draw Homura Akemi

Today is the day I teach you to draw Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. She is an awesome character. So lets begin!

Step 1: Start!

As we did in my last how to draw instructable we will start by drawing the head and some simple guidlines.

Step 2:

Draw the guide lines for Miss Akemi's body. Flesh it in a little.

Step 3:

Make this gals body look nice! (Her gun too) Her gun will be a Remington M870.

Step 4:

Draw in her clothing and refine her body shape. Don't worry about her hands, head or gun just yet.

Step 5:

Fix up the hands and draw the gun nice and neat.

Step 6:

Draw her face and a rough outline of her hair.

Step 7:

Finish up Homura's hair.

Step 8:

Add in any little details that you see fit.

Step 9: Done!

What do you want to see from me next? The Boss from MGS3? Godoka? Grell Sutcliff? Nora from Spice and Wolf? Let me know!



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