I will show you how to draw trees with straws! All you have to do is follow the simple steps to make beautiful looking trees!

Step 1: Materials

To draw the trees you will need:

1 Small paintbrush
1 Straw
1 Tube of  acrylic paint
1 Piece of paper
1 Small bowl
1/2 cup of warm (not hot) water (not shown) 

Step 2: Prepare the Paint

Take the bowl and squirt a good amount of acrylic paint in it.

Step 3: Mixing the Paint

Get the warm water and pour it in the bowl. Mix it with the brush.

Step 4: Preparing the Straw

Cut the straw about two inches from the bottom(not the bendy side.)

Step 5: Let's Start!

First start by putting a blob of the paint/water mixture on the paper.

Step 6: Step 2

Blow the blob with the straw.
Dab blobs on the branches and blow.

Step 7: Step 3

Keep dotting and blowing until you get somthing that looks like a tree without a trunk.

Step 8: Step 4

Add a trunk.

Step 9: Touch It Up!(optional)

Add flowers or leaves using water color.
Now You're Done! Have a good time drawing beautiful trees.
Can you use Oil colors?? Please answer :D
Oil paints can be thinned with a mixture of turpenoid (or other solvent) and some extra some drying oil (such as linseed oil). <br><br>The solvent helps it dry faster and run thinner, the oil keeps it from getting under bound and also helps it run thinner. <br><br>Try a 50-50 mix and mix with the paint until it is the right consistency.
No, the oil based paint will not mix with the water.
you spelled beautiful wrong, no offense
I dont think that is very offensive... No offense
like shadec said, you can't use oil paints. sorry

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