Introduction: How to Draw Link From Legend of Zelda

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I'm just starting out saying I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT LEGEND OF ZELDA! I just wanted to try drawing him, that's all.

Step 1: Head

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This is the most complicated drawing tutorial I've ever done, so I'm not going to explain everything. But the basic shapes you use are triangles.

Step 2: Protect the Body

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To draw the sword, draw a rectangle sticking through he tip of the hand. Then doodle a sharp point coming from the rectangle. Draw the rest of the body based off the picture. Finally outline it.

Step 3: Done!

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Enjoy your drawing! If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas please tell me in the comments!


Subdood (author)2014-03-07

I know how to draw link from ocarina of time. Cool

SkyProductions (author)2013-12-08

Cool I wanna see

ChipzAhoyMcCoy (author)2013-12-08

I think I already said that ( I went crazy

ChipzAhoyMcCoy (author)2013-12-08

I drew this to impress my mom (she used to play that game as a kid)

SkyProductions (author)2013-12-04

Coolalvaro39, I drew it a different style! But I can try the other if you want

coolalvaro39 (author)2013-11-29

Dis is not right link Dose not look like that

SkyProductions (author)2013-11-26

MEB and OJB, I will!

SkyProductions (author)2013-11-26

MEB and OJB, I loved it!

MEB and OJB (author)2013-11-26

Could you draw a really cool wolf

MEB and OJB (author)2013-11-26

Did you like it?

SkyProductions (author)2013-11-26

DaRubberBandFan03, that's cool

SkyProductions (author)2013-11-26

MEB And OJB, I saw it :)

MEB and OJB (author)2013-11-26

I made the baby dragon instructable

DaRubberBandFan03 (author)2013-11-25

Nice 'ible. Also, I drew it to impress my mom (she used to play the Legend of Zelda as a kid)

SkyProductions (author)2013-11-25

MEB abs OJB, Yes I drew it because you commented about it. I always take my viewers suggestions! :) Also, I saw your Instructables on paper clip bow and arrow, it is very cool and I'm going to try it! I can't wait for that baby dragon Instructables!

MEB and OJB (author)2013-11-25

Soon I'm going to make an instructable on how to draw cute baby dragons you should check it out

MEB and OJB (author)2013-11-25

Oh this OJB by the way you should try my paperclip bow and arrow.

MEB and OJB (author)2013-11-25

Did you draw it since I commented about drawing it?

SkyProductions (author)2013-11-24

Hey do you guys STILL want more drawing tutorials?

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