How to Draw Link From Legend of Zelda





Introduction: How to Draw Link From Legend of Zelda

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I'm just starting out saying I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT LEGEND OF ZELDA! I just wanted to try drawing him, that's all.

Step 1: Head

This is the most complicated drawing tutorial I've ever done, so I'm not going to explain everything. But the basic shapes you use are triangles.

Step 2: Protect the Body

To draw the sword, draw a rectangle sticking through he tip of the hand. Then doodle a sharp point coming from the rectangle. Draw the rest of the body based off the picture. Finally outline it.

Step 3: Done!

Enjoy your drawing! If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas please tell me in the comments!



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    I know how to draw link from ocarina of time. Cool

    I think I already said that ( I went crazy

    I drew this to impress my mom (she used to play that game as a kid)

    Coolalvaro39, I drew it a different style! But I can try the other if you want

    Dis is not right link Dose not look like that

    Could you draw a really cool wolf

    DaRubberBandFan03, that's cool

    I made the baby dragon instructable

    Nice 'ible. Also, I drew it to impress my mom (she used to play the Legend of Zelda as a kid)

    MEB abs OJB, Yes I drew it because you commented about it. I always take my viewers suggestions! :) Also, I saw your Instructables on paper clip bow and arrow, it is very cool and I'm going to try it! I can't wait for that baby dragon Instructables!

    Soon I'm going to make an instructable on how to draw cute baby dragons you should check it out

    Oh this OJB by the way you should try my paperclip bow and arrow.

    Did you draw it since I commented about drawing it?

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