How to Draw Male Manga/Anime Eyes




Introduction: How to Draw Male Manga/Anime Eyes

This is a tutorial for the absolute semi beginner :D. I'm not very good myself so I can almost gar inter that your better than me :). Send me pics of how you do!

Step 1: Drawing the Outline

If you follow the picture you just add four straight lines just like the picture.

Step 2: Draw the Eye

Add a half circle inside the lines.

Step 3: Adding Detail in the Eye

I have no idea how to explain this so look in the picture.

Step 4: To Thicken or Not to Thicken?

I like the style of thickening the eyes you do not have to thicken the eye lines as much as I do.

Step 5: For the Final Details

Ad an eyelid and maybe a little shading also the eyebrows on male characters are usually thicker than women's.



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