How to Draw Manga Eyes





Introduction: How to Draw Manga Eyes

Are you often mesmerized by the amazing mangas available in the stores? Do you sometimes feel like drawing as awesome as they are? Then you are in the right place. Check out this easy guide to drawing manga eyes.

Step 1: Draw the Base Lines

Draw three light lines like shown. They will represent the eyebrow, the upper level of the eye and the lower level of the eye.

Step 2: Elaborate the Lines

Now, make the lines a bit more visible and clear by darkening them.

Step 3: Draw the Eyeball

Draw the eyeball. Also draw the corners of the eye.

Step 4: Draw the Interiors

It's time to draw the interior features of the eye. I have drawn an iris and two light bubbles, but it is up to you to include as many bubbles as you want.

Step 5: Elaborate

Just elaborate and darken the features now.

Step 6: Darken

Colour the iris.

Step 7: Draw Spokes

Draw spokes all around the dark iris.

Step 8: Shade the Eyeball

Start shading the eyeball. It should be done such that the shade is decreasing towards the lower part of the eye. Give some finishing touches and you are done. Your very own awesome manga eyes!

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that is awesome! Look forward for more awesome drawing instructables from you!

Amazing! Gonna try this out!