Introduction: How to Draw Pusheen the Cat Eating a Cookie

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1.sorry this is so bad!

You need to draw the base of the cat first

Step 1: Details

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Then you need to add the details and props (props = cookie, jar and lid)

Make sure you give Pusheen a tail tip and 3 (THREE) stripes on his tail, round eyes, and 3 rounded stripes on his head. Also his whiskers need to be on the sides of his face because they aren't directly near his mouth

Step 2: Outlines

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Outline the drawing to make it pop with a black sharpie or marker

Step 3: Coloring

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Now you add colors. I suggest searching the web for a picture of Pusheen to find his colors

Step 4: Label and Sign

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Now you sign your username and, if you want, label your picture!

Thanks for probably wasting 20 seconds of your life to read this. I'm sorry it turned out bad :( Im new to this


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