This is a simple Instructables on how to draw Sebra the dog. She is married to Catastrophia.

Step 1: The Head of Life

Since it would take a long time, I'm not going to explain this step by step. Copy the pictures to get the desired head.

Step 2: Body

Draw the body using a few simple shapes. Make sure you add the fluffy chest and all four legs!

Step 3: Done!

Color Sebra gray, and her fluffy chest light brown. Enjoy!
Awesome but, what is Sebra exactly from?
l_cokkinos, Thanks!!! :D
MEB and OJB, I drew Link and posted an Instructables for it
MEB and OJB, I will certainly try! :)
Could you draw Link from Legend of Zelda
I made a pony drawing tutorial!
TimsProjects, ok! Thank you!
Maybe some Ponys? Famous characters, or more Sky The Dog Drawings!!!
Do y'all want more drawing tutorials or just have suggestions? Tell me!

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