How to Draw the Clown From Spawn





Introduction: How to Draw the Clown From Spawn

Learn to draw the Clown from the popular Spawn comic book.

Step 1: Drawing the Clown From Spawn

The Clown is the human character that turns into the Demonic Violator creature from hell and as the name suggest the human character is that of a midget looking Clown and we are going to draw The Clown and ink it.

Here we will draw the Clown in pencil from scratch and it's quite useful to see a drawing being sketched from the initial idea to see if it works.

Watch the video.

Step 2: Inking the Clown From Spawn

Inking the pencil drawing of the Clown. I used a Pigma Micron ink pen for some finer details such as the face of the Clown and then a thicker tipped Uni-pin fine liner for other darker areas. At the end I used a Sakura white gelly roll ink pen for some highlights on the black inked areas which looked quite effective.



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    Yeah, that guy will never not be terrifying! Great job :D