Hey guys, so today we will be drawing a Tardis. "So you better hang onto something!". That was a quote from doctor who. :D

Step 1: Get a Sheet of Paper and Draw the Outline

Step 2: Then Draw the Fine Outline Inside

Step 3: Next, Draw the Outside Door Panels

Step 4: Then Draw the Design of the Doors

Step 5: Then on the Very Bottom Draw 2x Obtuse Triangles Making It Look Like a Rocket

Step 6: Then Draw Straight Lines So That It Looks 3D

Step 7: And Then Put the Words Then You Are Done

Step 8: I Hope You Like, Comment, Favorite and Follow.

<p>Allons-y :)</p>
<p>Very helpful thank you very much</p>
<p>Very helpful thank you very much</p>
<p>WOOOOOoooooshh WOOOOOoooooshh WOOOOOoooooshh! We're on our way :)</p>
Fantastic :)

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