How to Draw a Fat and Simple Chibi





Introduction: How to Draw a Fat and Simple Chibi

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Hey guys!  This tutorial is made for beginners.  Or people who are new to the chibi concept.  It's a very easy tutorial and I hope you guys have fun following it.  I'm also deeply sorry about the quality of then images.  Scanning is too much work considering that my scanner takes forever to load.  Feel free to share your drawings in the comment box below!

Approx. Time: 5-10 mins.  Maybe even less...

Step 1: Head

Start by drawing a circle.  In this tutorial, you'll be drawing chibis sideways.  Draw a line around the circle slightly below half of it.  Draw another line down from the center of the chibi's head and work your way down.  

Step 2: Modify Head

Now add a little bump to the side of the face.  Make sure it's a little bump.  Try to make it noticeable too.

Step 3: Add Body

Now draw in the fat body.  You won't need any measurements or grids or tracing paper.  Just start the body from somewhere near the center of the circle.  Give it an outward curve for the upper body.  Then go straight down for the legs.  The arms start of tiny and enlarge towards the hands.

Step 4: Guiding Line

Draw another line around the head.  The space in between these two lines will help you tell how big the eye's are going to be.  Of course, you won't be using ALL the space inside for the eyes.  The top line is just for you to see where your chibi's fringe would fall.

Step 5: Hair

Now...  Add in the hair!  I know, weird hair.  But be creative with your hairstyles!  Give it an afro if you want.  I'm making my chibi a girl (obviously).  This tutorial is made to teach you how to draw a chibi form not the design.

Step 6: Eyes

Now for the eyes.  As I mentioned before, this is about the chibi form, not the design.  Tips for the eyes:  Do not make the eye on the farther side of the face the same size.  Instead, try making it thinner but keeping the same height.

Step 7: Clothes

Unless you want a naked chibi, leave it as it is.  Be creative with it's outfit (unlike me -.-||| ).  Don't worry about the clothing folds and all. Just try to make a simple outfit first.  I might make another tutorial on clothing folds.  Although I'm not an expert at it.  

Step 8: Facial Features

Add the nose on the intersection.  Again, make it a little bump.  I prefer to position the mouth under the nose but that's just me.  The position is up to you.

Step 9: Darken Outlines

Darken all the outlines.  In my case, the face.

Step 10: Feet

For those who dislike 'peg' legs, give the chibi a little bump at the feet.  

Step 11: Erasing

Erase all the sketch lines.  Or at least TRY to.  To be honest, this step took me the longest due to my fat eraser.  

Step 12:

Tada!  Color it in or shade it in and you're done!  I prefer to shade but again, personal opinion.  

Hope this helped you!

~End of Tutorial~

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rock chibi! (please let me know if there's anything I need to improve :-D)

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Lemme send u guys a picture when I am done....


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OMG This works so good!

I like your instructable. Thank you. But I'm to bad at hair. What can you advise me?

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