Picture of How To Draw a Fat and Simple Chibi
Hey guys!  This tutorial is made for beginners.  Or people who are new to the chibi concept.  It's a very easy tutorial and I hope you guys have fun following it.  I'm also deeply sorry about the quality of then images.  Scanning is too much work considering that my scanner takes forever to load.  Feel free to share your drawings in the comment box below!

Approx. Time: 5-10 mins.  Maybe even less...
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Step 1: Head

Picture of Head
Start by drawing a circle.  In this tutorial, you'll be drawing chibis sideways.  Draw a line around the circle slightly below half of it.  Draw another line down from the center of the chibi's head and work your way down.  

Step 2: Modify Head

Picture of Modify Head
Now add a little bump to the side of the face.  Make sure it's a little bump.  Try to make it noticeable too.

Step 3: Add Body

Picture of Add Body
Now draw in the fat body.  You won't need any measurements or grids or tracing paper.  Just start the body from somewhere near the center of the circle.  Give it an outward curve for the upper body.  Then go straight down for the legs.  The arms start of tiny and enlarge towards the hands.

Step 4: Guiding Line

Picture of Guiding Line
Draw another line around the head.  The space in between these two lines will help you tell how big the eye's are going to be.  Of course, you won't be using ALL the space inside for the eyes.  The top line is just for you to see where your chibi's fringe would fall.

Step 5: Hair

Picture of Hair
Now...  Add in the hair!  I know, weird hair.  But be creative with your hairstyles!  Give it an afro if you want.  I'm making my chibi a girl (obviously).  This tutorial is made to teach you how to draw a chibi form not the design.

Step 6: Eyes

Picture of Eyes
Now for the eyes.  As I mentioned before, this is about the chibi form, not the design.  Tips for the eyes:  Do not make the eye on the farther side of the face the same size.  Instead, try making it thinner but keeping the same height.
misuki made it!13 days ago

wow its cool and awesome

misuki13 days ago

That is awesome! I like to draw manga and this chibi tutorial is great! Keep on going with the awesome drawing tutorials!

pikagirl88403 months ago
rock chibi! (please let me know if there's anything I need to improve :-D)
red raven10 months ago

hey thanks your the first person to actually help me with this. ive been looking all over to find someone that could help me draw them thank you and your drawing is pretty good

UniKitty751 year ago
You should be the guy to invent awesome chibi dragons! The pictures look great! I like boy stuff but I'm really a girl!
gabypopper1 year ago
thank you very much! It helped me a lot!
amazing and beautiful
spandey131 year ago
I'm new to your site and now I'm gonna use this site always
spandey131 year ago
Your tutorial helped me better that others...
Great drawing
cynthia2901 (author)  emilyvanleemput2 years ago
Thanks! Sorry about the late reply!
PLEASE look at my stuff
cynthia2901 (author)  kaylaangelkisses2 years ago
Sure! Great instructables you have there! ^ ^
Thanks. I know there not very good...
cynthia2901 (author)  kaylaangelkisses2 years ago
No! They're actually good! Especially the Samurai hat. I suck at origami XP
Thanks. I've been doing origami along time. The hat was my first 'ible. I had no idea how to use this. >_<
cynthia2901 (author)  kaylaangelkisses2 years ago
Although I've been taught origami since a young age, the only things I can make is a star... And I'm not even sure if stars are part of origami...
Yea, it is. The type is called modular origami. You don't use one single peice of paper. You should learn how to make a crane. Its pretty easy and alot of people will be inpressed :3
ravenking2 years ago
Your tutorial inspired me! So I want to share my chibi that I drew with my nintendo. :)
little chibi.JPG
cynthia2901 (author)  ravenking2 years ago
I'm glad you're inspired! Great drawing! I love the hair! Tip: Make the bump a little bigger. You'll master the chibi concept with some more practice. >.^
ravenking2 years ago
This is a good tutorial! Where did you hear about chibi style drawing?
cynthia2901 (author)  ravenking2 years ago
Thanks! I started drawing anime early February of 2012. I soon discovered chibis through other's fan-arts. That's when I started experimenting on chibi styles. It's funny cause I learnt that circles are the guide to almost every drawing. So I started using circles... And now I'm using them everywhere. From anime drawings to realistic ones.
scoochmaroo2 years ago
Fantastic! Maybe we could get some brighter pictures on the next one?
cynthia2901 (author)  scoochmaroo2 years ago
Thanks! Sorry about the quality! I've switched from photo booth to a real camera. Hope it helps!