Picture of How To Dress Up As A Cow
I decided this year to dress up as something that is not scary like a cow this type of cow costume is funky stylish and cozy inside!
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Step 1: What You Need :

Picture of What You Need :
1.cow wunzie from primark/penneys
2.cow slippers or slipper socks
3.nail polish white and black pen nail varnish you can get in hamleys
4.toilet role
5.nail polish remover

Step 2: Painting Your Nails :

Picture of Painting Your Nails :
if you have any nail polish on please remove with nail polish some toilet role on a flat surface and grab your white nail polish paint your nails white and leave to dry

get your black pen nail varnish and do little cow patterns then leave to dry

Step 3: Step 3

Picture of Step 3
when its time to go trick or treating pop on your wunzie and slippers pull up hood and off you go mooooooooo

Step 4: Optinal:

Picture of Optinal:
if you want to look fat push in a pillow
1Dbesto11 months ago
hahah i love it sooo oragianl
pips0211 months ago
*!Everyone vote for her!*
1Dgirl (author) 11 months ago
thanks hope you like it cuz
pips0211 months ago
hahahah i love it!! <3