Step 6: Poles and mitts

This step is the simplest, simply grab your poles from whatever destination they lie in and put on your gloves. Remember to place the wrist straps around your wrist so you don't drop your poles while skiing down the slopes.
haha its shred the gnar, not nard. haha.
Thanks for sharing this.
If its sunny out I'll just wear my Dickies and a single layer long sleeve shirt. The shirt usually ends up around my waste after about 20 minutes.
So you don't just put on a pair of blue jeans and a long shirt like we did in college?
Hi, those "crazy" dresses you mentioned are not only for the looks. The pants are designed to fit over the ski boots, so the snow stays where it belongs. The jacket closes over the pants without letting the wind blow in. At or a little below freezing point, i'm warm with a t-shirt and boxer shorts as my under armor... 2 weeks ago, it was around 0F with winds up to 40mph. I had to put on some more armor... I used to dress like you for a while, but it just takes too much time and hassle when you ski often. Have fun on the slopes

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