Step 1: Materials

Post-it note

Step 2: Tear and Fold the Post-it Note

Tear the post-it note about an inch down on the sticky side, then fold it over and stick it to itself.

Step 3: Time to Drill

Just under where you are about to drill, stick the post-it note to the wall. The adhesive will make it stick to the wall, and it will now catch the dust!
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<p>Cool trick! I will have to try that the next time I have to drill into the wall. I am going to try drilling through the post-it note to see if that help catch all of the stuff.</p>
<p>Read the title and totally thought I was going to learn to drill a hole using a post-it note...</p>
<p>I was under the same impression... </p>
<p>I've seen post it notes used for this purpose before. However, the cup-shaped way you made this is much better than the other tutorial. Excellent!</p>
<p>Or stick it ON the spot you want to drill so there won't be that tiny little bit of dust on the edge of the post it</p>
<p>Pretty much like using a basketball (what I use) or any sizable ball that's cut in half with a small hole drilled in the bottom for a hole saw to cut holes in ceiling for recessed lighting. Works like a champ ;)</p>
<p>Well done. Thanks for posting this great tip.</p>
That's a great Idea. But this is how you use a post it note http://youtu.be/4X3iSWX09xM
nice tip
<p>I use wide masking tape. Same general idea though. I make kind of a cup dam on the wall below where I drill.</p>
I use empty cigarete box just remove the flap on top and use painters tape or scotch tape* <br>Is this the real word?!
<p>Quick and easy! Now fill and paint that hole before the wife sees it...</p>
<p>These are my favorite kinds of DIY's. Solutions! Solutions! Solutions! I like the way you think. :)</p>
Great idea. One of those things that makes you say... Huh, why didn't I think of that.
<p>i so agree with you</p>
<p>i so agree with you</p>
<p>Excellent trick. I will use this!</p>

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