How to Drill a Mess Free Hole With Only a Post-it Note





Introduction: How to Drill a Mess Free Hole With Only a Post-it Note

Step 1: Materials

Post-it note

Step 2: Tear and Fold the Post-it Note

Tear the post-it note about an inch down on the sticky side, then fold it over and stick it to itself.

Step 3: Time to Drill

Just under where you are about to drill, stick the post-it note to the wall. The adhesive will make it stick to the wall, and it will now catch the dust!



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Questions & Answers


Purposefully misleading title I believe. Go ahead and pop one of those view counts off!



1.without others or anything further; alone; solely; exclusively:

2. no more than; merely; just:

Hovering over your other Ible, it says with "just" an iron, now I don't trust you and doubt it is "just" an iron.

only or merely

Cool trick! I will have to try that the next time I have to drill into the wall. I am going to try drilling through the post-it note to see if that help catch all of the stuff.

Read the title and totally thought I was going to learn to drill a hole using a post-it note...

I was under the same impression...

I've seen post it notes used for this purpose before. However, the cup-shaped way you made this is much better than the other tutorial. Excellent!

Or stick it ON the spot you want to drill so there won't be that tiny little bit of dust on the edge of the post it

Pretty much like using a basketball (what I use) or any sizable ball that's cut in half with a small hole drilled in the bottom for a hole saw to cut holes in ceiling for recessed lighting. Works like a champ ;)

Well done. Thanks for posting this great tip.