Introduction: How to Drop in on a Flowrider

Dropping in from the top of the flowrider is one of the hardest "tricks" to learn.  There several ways to do it. I have found this is the simplest way for beginners to learn.  I have taught several people to do it this way, and they typically learn in under an hour.


TheMrCOOLguy2 (author)2013-08-27

Wow that is cool, making the navigator better and better!!! I love royal Carribean the best! Cruise with them always

TheMrCOOLguy2 (author)2013-08-26

I love the flow rider best ride ever!!! It is my excuse for going on a cruise!
But ya best water ride ever

HowToLou (author)TheMrCOOLguy22013-08-26

You bet! I have one 15 minutes from my house, but I still only cruise on ships with flowriders. Did you know RC is going to retrofit the Navigator with one!! It should be done in February.

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