Step 5: Final

Continue practicing beatboxing this percussion style with your mouth until you are satisfied with the results.

<p>i recently know about beatbox, i love it</p>
<p>of the grade 11 students I have found nobody who is able to challenge me... from what I know of there is only one other student that beatboxes... however it requires a lot of practice (which I do in all of my spare time...however I will continue to believe as a result of this that I am the best in my school at beatboxing... nonetheless this tutorial helped a bit... though it really didn't explain much about HOW to do the dubstep part of beatboxing exactly... not that it really matters it's a good tutorial :)</p>
<p>This to me is kind of useless it doesn't help at all but I am still the best 10 year old beat boxer #undefeated</p>
<p>i am undefeated at school thxxxxxxxxx</p>

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