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Introduction: How to Dumpster Dive

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Dumpster diving is a fun hobby. I personally do it for profit, but many do it to find food. Anyway, I'm doing this instructable to show how I dumpster dive. PLEASE CHECK TO MAKE SURE IT'S LEGAL IN YOUR AREA BEFORE STARTING!!!

Step 1: What to Do at the Dumpster

You will need a bike and a large backpack. (Or a car.) so, first off,when you get to the dumpster, you will want to skim the perimeter, as some people will leave valuable stuff in bags next to the dumpster. After that, check inside the dumpster itself. You will want to rip up bags, but wear a facial mask if doing so, as dust, flies, and occasionally gross water will fly up. It's pretty gnarly. After you find something, try to get it into your bag/car. DO NOT OVERLOAD YOUR BACKPACK!! You will get back pain, and your bag may rip. that will be a problem when crossing a street if it rips.

Step 2: Sorting

When you get home, make sure to make 3 piles. 1) keep 2) sell 3) donate I donate any clothes I find to the Salvation Army. I sell any electronics I don't need, and I keep most interesting things I find.

Step 3: My Finds

My best finds are listed below. Keep in mind that I have only been doing this for about 1 year. Electronics: Box of working VHS tapes (s) Flatscreen computer monitor (s) 2 working xbox originals w/cords (s) Wireless Xbox 360 controller w/ rechargeable battery pack. (k) Turbotax software (s for $350) Clothing: Bag of tank tops (d) A&f; hoodie (k) Aeropostale girls hoodie (d) Gold/silver jewelry (s for $700) Chicago bulls SnapBack (s) Misc. Flyers bobble head (s) Modern shelf (k) Box of racist books/trashy porn novels (surprisingly it all sold! But why?) And that's all. Thanks for reading, make sure to let me know if you dumpster dive in a comment!



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    Just debating on wether to dumpster dive! Not only is it green for the environment, but I just got a job in the last year where I will be off for the summer and need to supplement my income, so thought I could refurbish items and sell them. has anyone ever had a bad experience with dumpster diving ? I like the advice about going to the college dumpsters near/after graduation time. I live in an area surrounded by at least 4-5 colleges with dorms! Great idea!

    If you live in a city with an university with dorms the best time to dumpster dive is after graduation. I did this in 97 and found an 5 disc stereo with speakers that still worked along with a lot of stuff that still looked new.

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    nice! unfortunately, i live in the suburbs of philly. much to far away to bike. plus, the university is in a bad part of town, if im correct.

    Wow urban, that's really cool! Good luck to you!

    Thanks neo. That's a good point, I'll add that.

    You might want to add in some areas its illegal. They call it stealing even if its "trash" until it leaves the property.

    I do, but I look for furniture, and or wood to build things with. Just built a gun cabinet out of reclaimed oak from slats used under mattresses.