How to Duplicate Blocks (minecraft PE)





Introduction: How to Duplicate Blocks (minecraft PE)

This is my first instructable so please give it a chance

This glitch will only work in survival

Step 1:

Place any block I just chose diamond

Step 2:

Double tap the home button then hold down on the minecraft icon
After that press the red thing in the corner of the app

Step 3:

Go back to minecraft

Step 4:

Bam!!! Now you have another block of what you duplicated XD

Step 5:

Thanks for checking out



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    9 Discussions

    What version of minecraft

    Yes it only works for apple

    I can't believe I already got about 200 views thanks so much

    I've done this before with iron and it ended up deleting my blocks user beware sometimes works but allow time for the game to realize that you actually have the duped block or it will disappear

    Thanks for 100 VIEWS for my first instructable