How to Duplicate on Minecraft PE





Introduction: How to Duplicate on Minecraft PE

Hi. Sorry I haven't posted in a LONG LONG time. Needed a few tricks up my sleeve! :) :) :)

Step 1: Chose What's Useful

This trick will work on anything in minecraft PE, but no point in making 8 stacks of dirt when you have 1 diamond you could use to make 100! I'm using iron but you can use anything!

Step 2: Put It In

Place it in your inventory.

Step 3: Very Light Chest

Get an empty chest.

Step 4: Storing

Put it in your chest

Step 5: Wait

Count up to 25 at a medium pace then take it out quick!!!

Step 6: Close It Down

Double tap on the home button if it an I pad/phone

Step 7: Open Seisimi

Open it up

Step 8: Retrace Your Steps

Open your world up

Step 9: Keep Going Back

Open your chest

Step 10: Ta Da

There should be another one in your chest. If not try again counting at a different speed. You should get one. Enjoy!!!!!!!!:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Step 11: ENJOY

Please leave a comment about the instructable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still haven't learned how to make theses!:)



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Put it in the chest count to 25 put it in your inventory close Minecraft down go back in and look in the chest and there should be one in your inventory and chest. Wow that was long. P.S only works on Minecraft PE

So you put it in the chest an wait? Do you go leave the chest and then come back?

Yes it does, I did it with a stack

does it work with more than one item at the same time?