How To Duplicate & Prototype Your Own RC Car Parts Cheaply! Final Update 20-03-2012 !


Step 4: Reinforcement Wire...

Now, because im totally fed-up with solid plastic parts always breaking, to be fair though, we go race our 1/10th buggies in the winter as well as the summer but during the extreme cold environments that theu are constantly in, the cold plastic parts dont really have much resistance when it comes to getting sharp-knocks and crashes into solid objects, the buggies me and me pal, Homer, have only have 0.15ci (2.5cc) Nitro powered engines, the smallest engines that are available for these RC Cars, but still, the amount of force they can crash into things with can be quite severe, and especially as our buggies manufacturer boasts that these things can go upto 65mph (105km/h) ish, so they extreme cold and sheer force of impact makes the cheap plastic parts brittle (the cold make em brittle, lol) so they instantly snap or break....

Right, back to the instructable, sorry, i get side-tracked, like now, lol...!

- Now, i fixed into my desktop vice a small precision screwdriver, as you can see in the pic below, ready for the wire to be twisted to add extra strength to it but 1st...

- You will need to strip the SINGLE-CORE wire, when i bought the wire, i bought them in 1 meter lengths and i just picked a colour that i dont and probably wont use in my electronics meddling... Purple it was, lol...

- I used a whole meter of wire to make each of the reinforcement wire-framework struts for my suspension arms, cut into two 500mm (or 50cm, whatever, lol) lengths, stripped and then i started twisting the wire together from the mid-point of each strip, one strip at a time... Check out the pics below...
karnold703 years ago
Love your IBLE. Just an idea for ya about getting nice tight wrapped wire. Use a 'decorative Hook' from the hardware store and your vice. Take a nice LONG piece of wire (several feet) and clamp the loose ends in the vice. Take the Decorative hook and chuck the threaded end into a Battery Powered Drill. Pull GENTLY on the midpoint of the wire and pull the trigger.
You can get as much or as little twist in your wire as you want, and (most importantly) the twist will be uniform the full length of your wire (averages out naturally). I've done this with Aluminum Welding wire and it works great. VERY stiff, and you COULD even weld it together.
offtherails2010 (author)  karnold703 years ago
OoooOooooo NICE TRICK !!!

Now thats going to to happen in MarkII of me suspension arms !!!


Many many thanks for the praise too, its extremely appreciated !!!