Picture of How To Dutch Braid Your Hair Into A Bun
This is a tutorial about how to Dutch braid your hair from the bottom of your head into a bun.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Make sure to have the following supplies: -hairbrush -ponytail holder -hairspray
charli101 year ago
Wow how do you do that it is so so cute you have to send how to do it to me
Super cute
you are so talented <3
That looks awesome! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I think my hair is just barely long enough to give it a try.
moskiii132 years ago
Omg I have that hairbrush!! And such a great tutorial. :)
Forn Man2 years ago
This is an awesome instructable. I like the pastoral setting of your backyard. We can't wait to see your next installment of teaching. It will be "hair raising!" JF
Beautiful - I like this much better than a french braid. :)