Happy birthday to my friend Robin. She asked me how to dye leather for a Game of Thrones party we're throwing for a leather map and I am happily complying. In case any of you aren't Game of Thrones nuts, I will let you watch this 1 min video for the Map of Westeros which is available for iPad/iPhone. You can also find it in the front of Martin's books in the front pages (http://youtu.be/vzGmnwyP7-k) which is available off Amazon or any major bookstore in the country.

To Dye Soft Leather for Custom Maps You Will Need:

Leather Dyes
Leather Hide To Be Dyed
Paintbrushes (Various Sizes)

Step 1: Get Your File and Trace It on Leather

Alright, this first you need a file or line drawing you are trying to make. This may be anything from a small sketch or large map. Blow it up to the appropriate size you need (kinkos/fedex does a great job of this) and trace it out on your leather.

I am doing a dragon here.

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