How to Easily Restart an IPod Touch Without Using the Power Button





Introduction: How to Easily Restart an IPod Touch Without Using the Power Button

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(Optimized for iPod touch 4th generation)

Step 1: Move Newsstand

Have the utility's folder on the second screen and newsstand on the third screen

Step 2: Do the Special Wiggle Mode

To do the special wiggle mode, press the home button on the third page, but before it has time to go to the first page, touch and hold newsstand. You should still have your finger on the screen when the first page appears as soon as the first page comes fully into focus and still, swipe left to go to the second page

Step 3: Open Utility's

Open the utility's folder or box with apps in it such as calculator and contacts. (This folder comes already installed on your device.)your apps should still be in wiggle mode.

Step 4: The Easiest Step

Then simply press the home button to end wiggle mode. Newsstand should appear in the utility's folder all by itself!

Step 5: How to Restart

Now that newsstand is in the utility's folder, you can't open it. Instead, every time you tap it, it restarts your device and refreshes it. Now you are finished!



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    5 Discussions

    To NVDevastator: no nothing gets harmed

    Does this harm it in any way?

    To the human whiz: yes, you still have your utility's apps. To get it back to normal, just go into utility's, touch and hold newsstand until it goes into wiggle mode, then just drag it out. Hope that helped! From, zkerzner

    Do you still have the utility apps? And how do you he it back to normal because if i break my ipod my mom will never buy me anything ever again lol

    That's a weird way to use the newsstand app :-)