How to Eat a Banana Like a Dog





Introduction: How to Eat a Banana Like a Dog

Dogs, like humans and monkeys, are omnivores. Even better: dogs have lots of experience eating things. Different things. Here we take a tip from our canine culinary experts: How To Eat A Banana Like A Dog.
(by Little "The Nose" Bear, with help from diN0bot)

Step 1: Find Banana


Snifsnuff until you find a banana!

Step 2: Find Somewhere Comfortable to Eat

Find somewhere with softness for your elbows and a good view of the door.

Step 3: Gently Pull Open Peel on One End

Even though food should be gulped down as quickly as possible, it doesn't mean one loses all abandon. Start at one end and gnaw away at the peel. yum.

********************* spoiler *********************

systematically eat the good stuff until you reach the other end. Try not to leave too much behind, especially if others are watching and salivating for leftovers. Sharing is for compost.

********************* end spoiler *********************

Step 4: Eat Banana Innards Systematically

Now that the peel is open you can stop eating it and dig into the mushy good stuff. Breath through your nose and don't take your eyes or mouth off the prize.

Step 5: Chomp Chomp Chomp

You can never protect your bounty too much. If growling doesn't keep the vultures away, pack up and find somewhere similarly comfortable but secluded to continue eating. This is a good time to start swallowing faster and chewing less.

don't forget to veg out when you're done.

** next week join us for our special on pooping like a dog!!!1 **



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    my 2 dogs eat apples pawpaw chouchou and sometimes sugarcane(not very good for health)

    that dog looks like my dog did what breed is it? also your dog is clever

    What a handsome AND clever dog you've got!  I've got to hand my Labs some bananas to see what they make of them now!  It's been all apples and carrots around here lol!  Thanks!

    Your comment is not nice.

    I think it is also incorrect. This instructable clearly describes the steps AND presents pictures on how to eat a banana like a dog. It is strikingly similar to a featured instructable on how to eat a banana like a monkey, with the additional feature of having pictures containing a dog. What instruction is lacking?

    I also want to clear up two of your misconceptions for the benefit of other readers with whom I might have an interesting discourse with:

    1. Bear doesn't normally eat bananas. Most dogs don't, either. It was an experiment. Maybe you have to interact with a dog during mealtime to grok why this is interesting.
    I eat bananas. Most people do, too. People I know, including myself, don't eat bananas like Bear did. Just like most people don't turn microwaves into welders. One could post a comment saying someone turned a microwave into a welder, or one could write an instructable about how to do so.

    2. It's a shame when a tool is stereotyped into a narrow field of use. It's awesome when tools are used beyond the original intention of its authors. Tools are enablers. Enabling even more is better. Granted, tools can be used for evil, too, and tools can get polluted with noise and spam (kind of like your comment) and thus become less enjoyable. Some people don't like the internet because it contains porn, but it also contains cool social communities and instructive resources. The whole notion of collaborative interaction (wikis! version control!) is far beyond the original conception of email and discussion boards. What is negative about expanding the role of a tool?

    As you note, this instructable is not *just* about instructing someone on how to eat a banana in a particular way. Maybe banana eating is important to you, maybe not--that shouldn't matter wrt the quality of an instructable--but beyond that, this instructable is an opportunity for me to tell a story about my dog. Instructables, like any recipe, tell a story of what the author did. This kind of artistic mingling with engineering is beautiful, at least to some people. More importantly, using instructables in this way does not degrade the use of instructables in its original pure-engineering context. I would caution disrespecting either of these uses unless one were imposing a serious cost.

    One of the awesomest aspects to this community, one which will preserve quality and prevent noise better than pure automation, is the culture against negativity. Maybe you want to re-evaluate your perception and actions in this community to see if you can't get more out of it by being nicer.

    pppps - re: comic discussion below: right on. I have no idea what you're talking about, though I found the irony of it involving CATS appropriate.

    3 replies

    I'm fairly sure my post was not offensive; negative perhaps, but the difference is that that it was CONSTRUCTIVE negatived, not just blind insults. If it is against the rules of the site to say that one disagrees with the posting of an Instructable, then by all means take down my post. To my knowledge no such rule exists, and so WHY DO IT? There was not one single insult in my post and I find it absolutely ridiculous that anybody could be offended by it. Ever heard the term "right to free speech"? If so, and you understand it, you should be able to realize what I am saying. Negative comments should be expected where rather pointless Instructables are left.

    eit, dawg. I didn't know what would happen when I flagged it, but I agree deleting it was extreme, considering that I replied. It's cool that you replied in turn, though not to any of the points I made. I don't see what is constructive about making assertions without explanations. I still don't know why you think this is a pointless instructable. I assumed your first post was random spam. I don't see how you could say this isn't an instructable if you actually read it. So maybe we can get back on topic? I looked at your two insructables, one on catching eels and one on making pet hammacks. Good work. The pet hammock looks especially cool. How come no pictures of actual pets in it? Do you have pictures of your pets eating bananas? Or turning away in disdain?

    dude you totally burned him......

    I had a dog that would SHUCK CORN! Wish I had pics... She also ate green beans right off the vine. We lost a whole harvest that way once...

    Oh my gosh our dogs could be twins!!! :) I just adopted this guy a couple months ago.......what kind is your dog?

    3 replies

    wow!! the place where we got bear (sudbury) said he's likely a boxer-blacklab mutt. he's some kind of mutt for sure.

    also, thx for the pictures!!

    Great instructable by the way!!! Goes without saying, your dog is cute! They told me Ernie was a Shepard/Australian Cattle Dog mix. He's only 42lbs, small for a shep, but I have no idea! Bear does have a boxer body, Ernie doesn't, he's got really stumpy legs..... :)

    we don't think so, though pit bulls crossed with labs can also have that same brindle colored coat (brindle means stripes).

    !!!! Dogs eat bananas !!!! Im going to give my dog one tonight !! :D Cute dog btw :P

    1 reply

    how'd it go? post a picture!

    look out stomach, here comes banana.

    That was adorable :) My dog is afraid of banana peels, but likes the inside so I might have to do the first few steps like him, that is, running around in fear.