Dogs, like humans and monkeys, are omnivores. Even better: dogs have lots of experience eating things. Different things. Here we take a tip from our canine culinary experts: How To Eat A Banana Like A Dog.
(by Little "The Nose" Bear, with help from diN0bot)

Step 1: Find Banana


Snifsnuff until you find a banana!
my 2 dogs eat apples pawpaw chouchou and sometimes sugarcane(not very good for health)
that dog looks like my dog did what breed is it? also your dog is clever
What a handsome AND clever dog you've got!&nbsp; I've got to hand my Labs some bananas to see what they make of them now!&nbsp; It's been all apples and carrots around here lol!&nbsp; Thanks!<br />
Dogs eat bananas??!!!!!
I had a dog that would SHUCK CORN! Wish I had pics... She also ate green beans right off the vine. We lost a whole harvest that way once...
Oh my gosh our dogs could be twins!!! :) I just adopted this guy a couple months ago.......what kind is your dog?
wow!! the place where we got bear (sudbury) said he's likely a boxer-blacklab mutt. he's some kind of mutt for sure.
also, thx for the pictures!!
Great instructable by the way!!! Goes without saying, your dog is cute! They told me Ernie was a Shepard/Australian Cattle Dog mix. He's only 42lbs, small for a shep, but I have no idea! Bear does have a boxer body, Ernie doesn't, he's got really stumpy legs..... :)
cute! is that an American pit bull terrier?
we don't think so, though pit bulls crossed with labs can also have that same brindle colored coat (brindle means stripes).
either way, he's super cute!
!!!! Dogs eat bananas !!!! Im going to give my dog one tonight !! :D Cute dog btw :P
how'd it go? post a picture!
look out stomach, here comes banana.
That was adorable :) My dog is afraid of banana peels, but likes the inside so I might have to do the first few steps like him, that is, running around in fear.
just like my dog! he'll just run back and stare at me while i peel it
he is... <em>afraid</em>... of banana peels?<br/>
Yeah haha, something about the smell makes him all nervous and he runs away. He'll chow down though if I peel them :)
Oh the poor thing... Maybe he had a bad experience with a monkey or something
post some pictures of how it goes, yeah? (-:
That, my friend, is a good idea
Almost brought a tear to my eye as I remembered when my (recently deceased) dog "learned" to open Tupperware. Still has 3 punctures in one corner that it sustained until she discovered the tab for easy opening. Used to allow her to "search" for her Christmas present in a normally "off-limits room" on Christmas mornings and everybody's birthday. She would stand at the doorway waiting/drooling in anticipation. Thanks, k-
haha that's awesome. i love hiding food for bear to find--he's a patient faucet, too. he has trouble when items are hidden under blankets and such. i'm never quite sure if he gets the 'warmer/colder' game, but i'm sure he can read my emotions. if you have any pictures do post them. i can't imagine how a dog would open a tupperware. from the way you wrote sounds like your dog might be dead. i'm very sorry. it's so sad to lose such joyful friends.
"i am a banana!" don hertzfeldt fan?
mos def.
I'd try this with my dog, but she probably would either run away from it, or chew on it till there was banana mush all over the floor.
hehhehee lucu
So that's how it's done!! And, to think I've been eating them sitting in a chair. tsk tsk. Now, I know better.
wat a cutie
Good dog. I wish I had pics of my dog (RIP, Munchkin) eating stir-fry. She would pick it apart by what vegie it was... like eat all of each vegetable one at a time. She was very focused when she ate. Nice instructable. I don't feel that all instructables need to be useful, or even try to be. One of the great things here is sharing what is in our lives with others.
Bear is a picky eater like that, too. The only food he doesn't eat are lemons and lettuce. Uncooked mushrooms and onions might get passed up, too. He's pretty equal opportunistic, though. word up.
Darn, I thought you were going to show how to quickly eat a banana. Like in one gulp. I've seen people do that . . .
VG CATS!!!! lol do you look at the comics?
I've read everyone, but he isn't too regular on updating, unfortunately. Lately, they also haven't been that funny (perhaps I just don't get them, though . . .)
which one you don't get? the new half life one with the medic?
Yeah, for instance. But I don't blame the writer; I haven't played enough half-life to really understand it, anyway. But some of the jokes just aren't funny (like some of the recent kirby ones). Some of them are really funny, though. Personally, I like Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal best, but in either case, I think this is totally off topic :)
oh, well the in the medic one, the one character wears a mask. He tried to call the medic, but only can say mmf mmmfmfmf mfmf (cause he wears a mask). The other guy got shot, said medic, and got healed.
Well, then I did get it, it just wasn't funny so I assumed I was missing something witty.
lol it was supposed to be funny since he didn't get healed. whatever, just cool i found out you look at them too. just why i mentioned it ;)
we've got 2 dogs....a chihu-eagle and a spussle (figure those mixes out) the chihu-eagle wouldn't do the nanner deal...she's too lazy...the spussle might...i'll have to try it...though i've got a feeling she'd just eat the whole nanner pealing and all
chihuahua beagle and a ? wow - i thought all dogs were like Bear. makes sense for them to each have their own character. still, passing up edible foot? unbelievable.
and a jack Russell spaniel
Your dog has the almost the same coat as mine.
Awesome! Boxador, too? Do you have a picture of him/her eating a banana?
i once tried to feed my dog a banana but she just smelled it and walked away. she has opened up a pistachio though.
Cute dog! I don't know if I've ever seen one into bananas, though.
@saites: the question is: have you ever seen a dog dog that? good idea, though. post an instructable? @others: thanks guys!
LOL!!! i love it when dogs act cool.
This made me smile. omnomnomnomnomnomnom

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