In case you didn't know, sandwiches can be very delicious! I'm eating a sandwich and have decided to teach all you haw to, too.

Step 1: Hold Up the Sandwich

It's easier to eat a sandwich while it isn't sitting on a plate.

Step 2: Take a Bite Out of the Sandwich

Do it how it sounds.

Step 3: Finish Your Sandwich

You now know how to do that. You're very welcome.

Step 4: The End

The end!
:) funny nice job! Were you bored?
Shoot yea, I love Panera Bread too!!
wow...... like I didn't know that
Thats how you do it thanks a lot
That's a fairly interesting topic... Because I'm sure most of us know how to eat a sandwich.
first take the toothpick out then.....
<p>I don't see any shots of you actually putting the sandwich near your mouth - photos, or it didn't happen!</p>

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