How to Eat With Chopsticks





Introduction: How to Eat With Chopsticks

Hello everyone im going to show you how to eat with chopsticks (yes thet are my chopsticks i have a set of them) look at the chop sticks in action on pic 2!

Step 1: Holding

hold the top stick kinda like a pencil (see picture 1)
hold the bottom one beetween your lower thumb and middle finger (see pic 2)
now try holding them together (pic 3)

Step 2: Eating

now practice moving the top one up and down by using your index finger to rock it back and forth on the tip of your thumb remember the bottom stick should'nt move. once you good at that try picking stuff up once your good a picking stuff up try eating something like stir fry or my favorite oriental dish... Ramen!! or you could eat frys or pop-corn



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    douitashimashite (not to good with japanese but im pretty sure thats your welcome and/or no problem)


    now i just need to make mine. what is the normal length of chopsticks?

    sorry i took so long to answer, but chopsticks come in varying lengths but the ones i use are about 10 inches long

    "nice computer u have there" "can i have it?"