Introduction: How to Edit Photos (for Free)

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If you would like to photographer or an editor or maybe just want to make cool photos to impress your friends, then you're in luck. Today we have some free apps on offer that will make your face ugly, old or pretty or blur number plates that shouldn't be seen. Follow these simple step to find out how:

Step 1: Beautifying Your Skin

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We all don't have flawless skin, perfectly white teeth or the perfect colour hair, especially on camera, so get rid of them on PE-FotoIr 3 by selecting your photo, clicking on 'potrait' and selecting your preferred option. Follow the instructions to have perfect looks and the export onto camera roll

Step 2: Blurring the Backround

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If you want to become an editor, then blurring the background is really important. It makes the photo not only look more professional, but when your reader/watcher looks at your image, it will look at you instead of the background as when the background Is busy (meaning full) the reader will want to see what in the background but when blurred, there's no real point at looking. Also you can use this app to blur number plates. The app is called Touch Blur and it is free of App Store.

Step 3: Black With Solid Colour

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For an effective way of showing of a feature, download the app 'Color Effects'. After choosing a photo, it will make the photo black and White. Then you can recolour your face. The app is free of App Store.

Step 4: Adding Cool Backgrounds

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One if the best (free) apps for adding backgrounds is definitely Pho.To Lab. It adds backgrounds to to your photos! This is super simple to do and adds a bit of glam to your photos. You can get about a quarter of the backgrounds for free but the rest are only around 69p for the package.


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