How to Elevate a Wrist Shot


Introduction: How to Elevate a Wrist Shot

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How to beat any goalie

Step 1: Step 1

Put the blade of your stick underneath the puck at a 120 degree angle

Step 2: Lift Stick Almost Half Way Up

Step 3: The Puck Should Be Below the Crossbar

Step 4: Celebrate



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    The net is good but once I was taking shots at it and I broke it because the button clip broke off

    And it is still a wrist shot by some standard by the rules in the NHL

    If you want more instructables on hockey ill post them if you follow me

    Technically it is not a wrist shot if you are just scooping it up.

    If your taking a wrist shot on ice (I play ice but made this on my street) and your trying to get it above the goalie you have to kind of throw it at the net

    It does not work for bike polo

    From my experience in Hockey, you try to roll the puck off of your stick fast instead of just scooping it up. Especially because in ice hockey there isn't the friction provided by the concrete to easily get the puck on your stick.

    Does this work for bicycle polo?