Introduction: How to Enable, Disable and Change Password on Windows 7 Administrator Account

In this tutorial, I will show you how to enable, disable and reset password on Windows 7 hidden Administrator account

Step 1: Query Administrator Account Info (Command Line)

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To open Command Prompt

Click on START

Type 'cmd.exe' in the search box, drag cmd.exe icon to Desktop to create a shortcut

Double-click on cmd.exe shortcut to open Command Prompt dialog box

Type: net user administrator

Step 2: Check If Administrator Account Is Disable

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Look for Account active

If it's No, then Administrator account is disable

Step 3: Enable Administrator Account and Set Password (GUI)

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-Click Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management

-Select Local Users and Groups> Users

-Right-click on Administrator & select Properties

-If check box for Account is disabled is checked, it mean Administrator account been disable

-To enable account, uncheck Account is disabled option

-To set password, right-click on user Administrator & select Set Password, enter new password

Step 4: Enable Administrator Account (Command Line)

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-Right-click on shortcut cmd.exe & select 'Run as Administrator'


net user administrator /active: yes

-To check if the account is enable, type:

net user administrator

-Check for Account active = Yes

-If u wish to disable Administrator account, type:

net user administrator /active: no

-Check for Account active = No

Step 5: Set Administrator Password (Command Line)

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-While still in Command Line, type:

net user administrator 1234

-Replace '1234' with your own password

-If you don't want the password to show, replace password with a *

net user administrator *

Step 6:


BenjaminO33 (author)2017-01-07

it wont work. when i enabled the administrator count it says access denied

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