Step 6: Enabling Half Stars On the Mac

Picture of Enabling Half Stars On the Mac
To enable half stars on a Mac, first, close Itunes.

Then, you have to open up Terminal

(Located at /Applications/Utilities....somewhere in there)
and once it's open, type in

defaults write com.apple.iTunes allow-half-stars -bool TRUE

Hit enter, and then close out of the terminal.
Then, open Itunes

Simply click and drag in between the regular stars to access these new stars.

Congratulations....you should have half stars!
Just so you know, this still works in itunes 10.
This is amazing, thankyou. I never thought it would be this easy.
Now to see how it translates onto my iphone...
JudahCris4 years ago
Awesome Guide!!!

rating all my songs now...
Album 4 of 76
reddog923966 years ago
Wow! My friend had this and I was wondering how!
musicninja17 (author)  reddog923966 years ago
You're welcome ;) Glad you like it
insomniac6 years ago
perfect! thanks.
tamashii6 years ago
This is incredible! It couldn't have been easier to implement, either. Thanks for this!