Step 6: Enabling Half Stars On the Mac

To enable half stars on a Mac, first, close Itunes.

Then, you have to open up Terminal

(Located at /Applications/Utilities....somewhere in there)
and once it's open, type in

defaults write com.apple.iTunes allow-half-stars -bool TRUE

Hit enter, and then close out of the terminal.
Then, open Itunes

Simply click and drag in between the regular stars to access these new stars.

Congratulations....you should have half stars!
<p>PLEASE HELP </p><p>Thanks for posting this. However, I have since found that I don't like the 1/2 stars because I mis-rate far too often. I want to go back to the whole star system. I planned on just reversing what you posted but my itunesprefs file not looks different. I fear I'm going to cause havoc and loose my years of organizing. </p><p>My itunesprefs now looks like this:</p><p>&lt;/dict&gt;</p><p>&lt;key&gt;User Preferences&lt;/key&gt;</p><p>&lt;dict&gt;</p><p>&lt;key&gt;0000000000000000&lt;/key&gt;</p><p>&lt;data&gt;</p><p>?? QUESTION ?? How do I get back to the original?</p><p>Thanks so much....</p>
<p>I love you a bit; I really do.</p><p>It does not extend into the auto / smart playlists sadly, which makes me sad, but that's not you that's Apple!</p><p>.</p>
<p>I've found that half star ratings do work with smart playlists, just not in the way you'd think. You can't select half star ratings from the smart playlist screen but the smart playlist generator's rules of logic still apply. An input of &quot;greater than 3&quot; will return songs with ratings of 3.5, 4, 4.5, and 5. An input of &quot;in the range of 4 and 5&quot; will return songs with the ratings of 4, 4.5, and 5. Inputting &quot;greater than 4&quot; AND &quot;less than 5&quot; will returns songs with the rating of 4.5. You've just got to learn how to work around it!</p>
<p>awesome, thank you! I was so angry when itunes 12 took away all of my half star ratings!</p><p>~works on iTunes 12 for Mac~</p>
for Windows 7 (probably for others as well, but i have 7, so that's all i can confirm) the appdata folder is hidden. <br> <br>click the start menu and type %appdata% into the search field (including the two percent signs) and then hit enter. that'll open your Roaming folder. <br>then just continue with the instructions from there. i tried it and it works. <br> <br>thanks for the ible, musicninja.
Just used again and it still works in Mac OS X.10 Yosemite with iTunes 12.
hey, nice taste in music
Just so you know, this still works in itunes 10.<br>This is amazing, thankyou. I never thought it would be this easy.<br>Now to see how it translates onto my iphone...
the <key>UserPreferences</key>does not exist on iTunes 8
Weird. I have 8 and it does. Look again....
Never mind. I found it.
What about 10?
Awesome Guide!!! <br><br>rating all my songs now...<br>Album 4 of 76
worked! and it was super easy. now i can be super anal about rating my music
What if you're using windows 7? Where would you go then?<br />
wish i new i got same problem (:<br /> <br />
&nbsp;AHHH!!! CAN'T CLOSE ITUNES!!! &nbsp;Almost got it... &nbsp;There! &nbsp;I didn't want to close itunes. ;) &nbsp;Great 'ible!
when i try to save it says access to the iTunesprefs.xml was denied!
If you're a limited user, have an admin allow write permissions to iTunesprefs.xml.<br />
&nbsp;no i computer admin!
then make sure that iTunes is closed (check the taskmgr for instances of iTunes.exe &amp; iTunesHelper.exe) and make sure that write permissions are enabled on the file. You may have to change the ownership of the file to your account.<br />
Worked on mine
Just curious.....are you using Windos (if so what flavour) or mac? glad this worked for you.....
It's on windows XP
didnt work for my mac
Did you read the mac instructions/go through the terminal?
I tried this, and it reset my Apple Store Settings, My Itunes Prefs, and some other things. then spit it out. I had to go thru heck w/ apple to fix it. Any help?
I'm not sure why it did this for you..... maybe you accidently deleted a line of code or something..... I'm sorry this happened, but like I said, its never done that before.....
Ummm...by any chance are you using a mac???
Nope. Vista Home Prem. x64, though. My library was fine, it started w/ the Itunes etup Assistant. I haven't used that for 3 years. It gave me a 5002 error when logging in to the store, and I couldn't use any DRM music (only 1 album though, so no biggie.) It reset itself ~ 2 hrs later.
Weird..... ooh Vista....maybe thats what did it..... but did it revert it to half stars?
Nope. Defaulted back to full stars
Oh........what was the name of the file you edited and what is your itunes version?
C:\Users\Sean\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\Itunesprefs.xml
YAY! Finally I can accurately rate my songs. Will people on the network who are viewing my library be able to see the 1/2s? (Apologies if you've mentioned this in the instructable; I haven't had a chance to look through it all yet)
What do you mean by "on the network"? as in sharing the same library on multiple computers?
Wow! My friend had this and I was wondering how!
You're welcome ;) Glad you like it
perfect! thanks.
This is incredible! It couldn't have been easier to implement, either. Thanks for this!
It wouldn't let me type in the word pad! I could only copy but not paste! Help please.
sorry it took me so long to get back to you....
...hmm......try copying the whole length of text to a different file maybe, and then saving that as the first file.... or you could just try opening it in notepad....it might work like that....
hey, if you have a jailbroken ipod you might be able to go into the ipod_control folder via ssh ans do something like this, but it would probably just come out in cydia sooner or later. could you do enable 1/4 stars? lol
No, i don't think Itunes has support for 1/4 stars... but if anyone figures out how to do that... XD
. If you will look at the &quot;dHJ1ZQ==&quot; part as hex or binary data, you may be able to figure something out. Maybe not.<br/>
Actually, that dHJ1ZQ== is in Base64... it <br/>decodes to TRUE.....<br/>so pretty much its just saying that half stars = true<br/>
. So much for tweaking it. :(
Well you could put "false" there to untweak it if you rally wanted....at leat i think that would work.... :-)