How To Enter The Earthjustice United States of Efficiency Contest

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Quick, what renewable-energy resource is cheap, perfectly clean, and available almost everywhere?
Energy efficiency.

Improving energy efficiency is the fastest, cheapest, and cleanest way to power our lives, so Instructables has teamed up with Earthjustice to help spread the news through their United States of Efficiency campaign. Even small changes in the efficiency standards for appliances, lights, and machines can create huge savings in electricity and natural gas - we can help fight global warming, create green jobs, and save scarce resources and money at the same time!

Here's how you can help, and enter to win an awesome green Apple laptop!

Create an energy-saving Instructable, and explain why or how your project helps save energy! Whether you're improving an existing product, tracking down energy wasters in your house, or create something entirely new, we want to see your ideas. We're open to creative definitions of efficiency - just give a great explanation, and help inspire others to follow your example. Check out our Energy Saving guide for inspiration.

What else can you do? Take action now, and let the Department of Energy you're in favor of stronger energy-efficiency standards - we can't afford not to.


Grand Prize
15" MacBook Pro - The greenest MacBook Pro ever!

First Prize
5 winners will receive a Kill A Watt. Find out what appliances are actually worth keeping plugged in.

Runners Up
5 winners will receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt, patch, and stickers.

Open to enter: Mar 26th, 2009 12:01 AM PST
Deadline for entries: May 10th, 2009 11:59 PM PST

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becava6 years ago
Waiting for Winners ?
seems like its the 28th already...
My compound trough solar cooker instructable is entered pending moderator approval for several days now. Any chance of approving it? It is the insturctable for the "Kyoto trough" solar cooker. And I will be adding to it over the coming weeks.

The Kyoto trough got added to solarcooking.org as a new design by their webmaster before I even made one!
How come no votes for it in the earth justice competition?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXVfGFQpYD8 is my first prototype.
I know solar cooking is not a big deal in the USA but still, it has quite the potential to change thinking,
maybe about concentrating photvoltaic too.
leemck6 years ago
How about organizing the contributed Instructables into a wikipedia tree with subject area guides and links? I found it hard to vote because there are so many interesting projects coming from all different directions. I wound up voting for three projects because they are close to projects I have underway. I see real value in being able to revisit these projects for their ingenuity and links to outside resources.
wushuair6 years ago
If you have a previous submission for a different contest, is it possible to repost the same instructable?
Gr82Bake6 years ago
is my posting an Instructable here saying that I wont be allowed to do it anymore and sell it? or is it copyrighted to me and Instructables?
Cuicydepunk6 years ago
Just a quick blurp. The contest is called "The Earthjustice United States of Efficiency Contest." I currently reside in Canada. Is this contest limited strictly to US citizens, continental USA or is it global?
look below; I asked the same question and the author said international eligibility and shipping free. ;-)
mistic6 years ago
woudn't this idea be similar to copyright laws on design but not constructing method? Ins. would own this idea and description, The end product is still yours to do, right? any one know how to get around this one -I always felt i could modify its design slightly and sell it later.
Half-Life6 years ago
@rule number 9;
Epilog? Ponoko? Are these rules leftovers from the Epilog Challenge?
Correct quick...
Doctor What6 years ago
Nice! I love this contest. The recent wave of going green on instructables is really awesome.
Half-Life6 years ago
How many entries max per participant? (not in rules). Plus, is the stuff shipped free of charge to outside US?
merijnvw6 years ago
Do I need to live in the USA to participate? I couldn't find it in the rules.
josheeg6 years ago
Would a blimp with a windmill below it as a instructable to generate green energy be allowed to put in this contest and hard to find items on my webshop be ok to sell?