Picture of How To Enter the T-Shirt Hacks Speed Contest
Have some old or boring t-shirts lying around? Then use them for your next DIY project! Cut 'em, sew 'em, dye 'em, print on 'em, add electronics, or decorate 'em with LEDs, googley eyes, and fringe -- whatever you need to make them fabulous.

So do you have some tips for making a dull shirt fantastic? Prove it, and win a custom laser-cut stencil that you can use to apply your favorite design to just about anything!

The requirements are pretty simple: modify a t-shirt in a creative way to give it a new look. You can use more than one shirt or add anything you like, but the result should still be wearable. Put the instructions and pictures in an Instructable in the T-Shirt Hacks speed challenge in the next couple weeks and you're good to go!


Voting Prize: One custom laser-cut stencil for applying designs to shirts or any other piece of clothing and an Instructables Robot t-shirt.
Value: $40

Pageviews Prize: One custom laser-cut stencil for applying designs to shirts or any other piece of clothing and an Instructables Robot t-shirt.
Value: $40

Random Prize: One custom laser-cut stencil for applying designs to shirts or any other piece of clothing and an Instructables Robot t-shirt.
Value: $40

Runner Up: An Instructables Robot t-shirt.
Value: $20

Open to enter: 2008-03-20 12:01 AM PST
Deadline for entries: 2008-04-06 11:59 PM PST

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Is the runner up for votes or page views? (please same votes, please say votes :)
Runner-up is for votes
Nice! Thanks! :)
*sigh* I have my idea and everything, but I am just so busy.
Won't be able to post it today... but it'll be up someday, hopefully.
thydzik7 years ago
What are the rules concerning submitting old instructables to the competition?
The date range is from March 20 to April 6. So no older Instructables.
lawizeg7 years ago
We should have a flashlight contest.
I will gladly throw that in the Bucket of Contest Ideas.
jlkinetics7 years ago
what is the max size of the stencil?
Ah, good question. Since there should be some margin around the sides, the max would be 8"x20". That would be huge, though.
dotancohen7 years ago
Please don't do something stupid like put circuit boards or other electronics on your shirt. Lots of people have been detained for this, and rightfully so. The 'freedom of expression' does not negate your responsibility to make yourself NOT look dangerous.
Lol, I added my instructable before I saw this page, and had no idea it still had to be wearable as a shirt. I thought it meant to make it into something new and exciting using the shirt as raw material. Maybe mine will still work in the contest.
I thought the same thing until just now! I was all excited about my instructable idea, and then I re-read the contest rules. The disappointment runs deep in my heart right now :(
BigCoCo BigCoCo7 years ago
right after my last post i looked at the comments on your instructable and they seemed to be pretty accepting of the fact that you hacked a t-shirt for a different reason than to wear it... did they too make the mistake of not fully reading the rules, or should I rebel, add my instructable anyway, and then hope others follow?
I've seen many instructables that are included into contests that do not fully accept the rules. I would just go ahead and add it anyways. Both of our instructables are made from shirts, and both of them reuse them after they're dead. I see no reason why they wouldn't totally qualify. Besides not being wearable. Though I could add arm straps to mine. Good luck with yours, because that was the first thing I thought of doing, was to make rags out of them. Maybe we'll both prevail and they'll count them in the contest.
The ones that aren't wearable will probably just not be counted at the end. But I'm sure you guys can come up with something!
gamer7 years ago
ill try to make something reasonable this time :P
Yay! This was going to be what I did next anyway. I just finished a huge floor pillow last night and I need something else. (Yes, still working on the Robot. I want it to be super awesome before you guys get it. :P)
Would this count for jackets? I was thinking of putting some radio of telephone electronics in there.
santy227 years ago
man i have some t shirts and lots of ideas for them!
dsman1952767 years ago
hmm. maybe i could make a shirt with pics of my knex stuff on it. that would be cool(but i would get weird looks at school lol) :)
Awesome! Hopefully I can get a few, or at least one up.
Looks Like a Lot of Fun!!! Thanks for all of the new contests!