Picture of How To Enter Workshop of the Future: Show Your Space
If you like to make things then you either have a workshop or are dreaming of making one. Well, either way, we have a contest for you! This is the Craftsman Workshop of the Future: Show Your Space Contest and we want to see your workshops!

You can enter a slideshow or a video of your current workshop to show off what you've got OR you can put together a rendering or a drawing of the workshop you wish you had! Be specific and show us what you would want and where you would put it so that you could easily knock out all those projects you've been dying to work on!

The Craftsman Workshop of the Future: Show Your Space Contest will be running for four weeks and at the end of each week we will randomly choose a winner from all of the entries. So the earlier you enter the more chances you have to win!

Now get to it! Show us your workshops!

First Prize: One entry will be chosen at random each week to win a C3 Craftsman remote control car, the Auto hammer, the Nextec Drill, or the C3 19.2 volt powered caulk gun.

Open to enter: Dec. 2, 2008- 12:01 AM PST
Deadline for entries: Dec. 31, 2008 11:59 PM PST

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it would be really nice if you had a contest of what we make, i think that would be better to show off the fact that we use our tools. wouldnt it??? not just hanging our tools on the walls of garages and basements.
Like this one?
alexander.msays: why do you exclude quebec I'm thinking... we can't read french!!!
alexander.m6 years ago
why do you exclude quebec
Legal issues. We would have to have a lot more French on the site, basically.
mman15066 years ago
what is the point of a battery powered caulking gun. faster release. why is everything electric now auto hammer auto vise
Faster, uniform, easier, and good for people with bad hands
i'd better get to cleaning.
jongscx6 years ago
Awww, I thought the prize was going to be they will BUILD your dream space... now that would be awesome...
CameronSS6 years ago
Hmm...Must get to work learning Sketchup, my current workshop is too much of a mess to share pictures of, the horror would probably cause seizures.

I didn't even know that they made battery-powered caulking guns....
nsaltz946 years ago
my dad would like to enter this but doesnt have an account so could he enter it under mine (im 13) or should he make a new one?
He can use your account.
you could do it for him and then he could take the stuff but if you plan to stay with instructables signing up is easy as lifting a finger
This is a perfect contest for Dad! He's always complaining about his workshop and how he wishes he had a better one.
OH! This must be the contest you all were talking about! Cool!
This is one of them. The other one is actually much bigger.
Oh wow, just saw that one...20 K! I don't even know what I'd enter...it's so large as to be almost discouraging in a way...
That's one of the reasons we split it up with a smaller contest as well.