Picture of How To Enter the Flashlight Contest
The ever useful flashlight. Most of us have them, everyone needs a couple and some people are downright fascinated with them. We're hoping that's you! We've seen so many awesome things from simple hacks to complete rebuilding and modification and now we want to see more! 

The rule is simple: publish a new Instructable that involves a flashlight. This can be modifying an existing flashlight or building one, it's up to you! Get creative, and let your imagination run wild.

Just show us how you made something awesome, and win a custom laser-etched Leatherman Juice as well as our Instructables Prize Pack that includes one year of Pro membership, a Robot t-shirt, and more!

So get to it! The contest is wide open. We can't wait to see what you'll make.
  • Multiples entries are accepted, but each entrant can only win one prize
  • International entries are accepted

Grand Prize: Leatherman Juice S2 with your message laser-etched onto it. 

Plus an Instructables Prize Pack which includes a one-year Pro membership, Robot t-shirt, patch, and more!

Runner Up: An Instructables Prize Pack which includes a one-year Pro membership, Robot t-shirt, patch, and more!

Open to enter: July 26, 2010-07-26 00:00:00 12:01 AM PDT

Deadline for entries: August 8, 2010 11:59 PM PDT

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Uriel2084 years ago
did this contest end and if it did who won?
acosicris5 years ago
Please vote my entry.^___^
ben 10?
yes that is a ben 10 watch
nyquilpillz5 years ago
i love how 95% of the instructables top voted are almost all the same... and the ones that are more original are in the back
batman965 years ago
Does a laser pointer count?
If it involves a flashlight, yes.
but does a laser pointer count as a flash light?
I don't think so. If you were to put a lazer in a flashlight, like KipKay, then yes. Otherwise, probably not.
geekazoid5 years ago
#corrections: July is spelt with one "u". (Spelt wrong in the "open to enter" section "Juuly)
x73198085 years ago
whats a leatherman juice s2?
GianniMora5 years ago
can i enter a slideshow? -M
nbagf5 years ago
my 'ible is going to be for a camping tool fire starter
nickodemus5 years ago
You guys must have a lot of Leathermans to give away...

Can't wait to see some entries.