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Bicycles are beautiful and amazing things. As a form of transportation and source of adventure and fun they are at the top of the class. With warmer weather and longer days we have more and more chances to cruise along on two wheels and enjoy the world around us.

We want to see more people riding around on bikes and as motivation we're making the month of May Bike Month from Instructables and Park Tool. Show us some great bike-themed Instructables and win a Park Tool I-Beam Mini Fold Up HexWrench / Screwdriver Set as well as an Instructables t-shirt!

Your Instructable can be about bike maintenance, bike mods, bike riding, bike purchasing, or anything else related to bikes. Be sure to make it so great that more people will get out on the road and enjoy the two-wheel lifestyle!


Voting Prize (5) An I-Beam Mini Fold Up HexWrench / Screwdriver Set from Park Tool so you can fix problems on the road and an Instructables Robot t-shirt so you look good doing it.
Value: $40

Judges' Prize (5) An I-Beam Mini Fold Up HexWrench / Screwdriver Set from Park Tool so you can fix problems on the road and an Instructables Robot t-shirt so you look good doing it.
Value: $40

Runner Up (10) Instructables Robot patch.
Value: $5


International entries are allowed.

Open to enter: April 29 12:01 AM PST
Deadline for entries: May 31 11:59 PM PST

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joe7 years ago
Great idea for a competition. I have been using Park Tools for a while as an avid cyclist and former bike mechanic. They make the best bikes tools around, not only are they a great value but they are also the highest quality. I find their website full of information, unfortunately I also find it very hard to follow their instructions and they are also difficult to find. Do you think it would be possible to have people from Park Tools move some of their documentation over to this site and in to instructables? Thanks, -Joe
I know that Park Tool has a book that documents the use of a lot of bike tools. If Park Tool was willing to give us a load of tools, we'd certainly be willing to document them.
Imnor confusion caused here... Was running for a last minute entry I'm not going to make in time but have to ask why in my time zone it's now june 2nd 1:05 and the contest is open? On the page it says june 1st is the deadline, which is it?
vanpaun7 years ago
what about a unicycle tutorial????
thief jk.....
you should have a seperate prize befor the runner up for an instructables T-shirt
we dont have longer days
theres raccoons out there..
Thanks for making this cool contest! I just created a tutorial yesterday but when I try to enter the contest it says I have no eligible tutorials. Am I missing something?
The contest is only for regular Instructables and sadly videos like yours can't be entered. I'll see if this can be changed.
Ok no problem, thanks for letting me know!
Dr.Paj7 years ago
I might be inclined to paint my bike this month instead of over the summer as I first thought. I was thinking urban camo... (method from airbrushtricks)
So there are five judges prizes and five views prizes? And ten runner up prizes? Also wooh! go bike month, I love this mainly because I ride my bike everyday, also I know a woman who rides her bike everywhere and on warm days has her snake around her neck, quite a sight.
hmmm would a unicycle be considered a bike? ,two wheeled life style hmmm
fwjs287 years ago
my 6th grade library teacher built this death bike from a skayrboard and skkotetr and bike...it had no brakes tho.....
ross3537 years ago
feck sake i just built a raceing bike from scratch without any pics and then this comp started.... ahhh well. how do u win the judges prizes? do you just vote or what?
The judges prizes are Instructables that Instructables staff choose as being good entries.
Sweet. I bet BicycleTutor is going to post so much. What if you do an Instructable not actually fixing the bike, but having fun with it? :-)
Well I'm doing a big 'ible on basic tricks and my long time coming 'ible on urban cycling... It just appeared in the contest enter thing after publishing and I was like, sweet what luck...
Bran7 years ago
Fun! Perhaps I'll get my bike fixed in time!
LinuxH4x0r Bran7 years ago
same here! My rear wheel is really messed up
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
I just fixed both of my kids bikes and took no pics and then this contest started, crap.
Brennn107 years ago
Awesome! I might be able to muster something up!
Doveman7 years ago
Cool! Bike month!