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Winners announced! See who won here.

We live a lot of our life on the go so what can you make that can easily be slid into your pocket and carried around? Show us something cool and portable and win a t-shirt!

For this we are starting the Pocket-Sized Speed Contest!

The only restriction here is that the item you make must be able to fit into a pocket. This doesn't include those massive pockets on cargo pants or big jackets, either. We're talking about something that can slide into a regular pants pocket. As a rule of thumb, if you have to describe what type of clothing it's for, then it's probably too big.

This is a speed contest so there are only a couple of weeks to enter an item, but the judging will be done a little differently this time. After the contest has closed, a few judges will vote on the entries and those votes will be combined with the other votes to determine a winner. It may sound complicated, but we wanted to level the playing field for those who enter later and it'll all work out nice and easy.


Voting Prizes (2):
The authors of the two Instructables with the top votes will receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt as well as a Swiss+Tech Utili-Key that can fit inside any pocket.

Pageviews Prize (1):
The author of the Instructable with the most pageviews will receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt as well as a Swiss+Tech Utili-Key that can fit inside any pocket.

Random Prize (1):
One author selected at random will receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt as well as a Swiss+Tech Utili-Key that can fit inside any pocket.

Runner-Up (3):
Runners-up in the voting will receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt.

Open to enter: March 13 12:01 AM PST
Deadline for entries: March 30 11:59 PM PST

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Step 1: Official Rules

1. All federal, state, and local taxes on prize are the sole responsibility of the winner. No purchases are necessary; void where prohibited by law.

2. Participants agree to abide by all decisions of Instructables, contest co-sponsors, and judges, which shall be final and binding with respect to all issues relating to this contest.

3. Prize is not transferable and no cash alternative or prize substitution is available. Instructables and contest co-sponsors reserve the right to substitute a similar prize of equal or greater value if the prize listed is unavailable for any reason. All potential winners are subject to verification at the discretion of Instructables and contest co-sponsors.

4. Winner agrees that prizes are being provided "as is", and Instructables and contest co-sponsors make no warranty, representation or guarantee regarding the prize, including but not limited to its quality, condition, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

5. Instructables and contest co-sponsors are not responsible for problems including (but not limited to) damaged, incorrect, inaccurate, lost, delayed, or defective entries, or for injury or damage to any computer resulting from participation in this contest. Entries that have been tampered with or altered are void.

6. Instructables reserves the right to modify, cancel, postpone or end the contest at any time as necessary, at its sole discretion, or to disqualify any participant or winner, at its sole discretion, deemed to have cheated, destroyed, obstructed, or otherwise acted illegally or in bad faith in relation to this contest.

7. Instructables reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual it finds, in its sole discretion, to be in violation of the Terms of Service; to be acting in violation of these Official Rules; to be acting in a unethical or disruptive manner, or with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person.

8. By submitting an entry and entering this contest, you represent and warrant that: you are over the age of 18, or entering with the knowledge and permission of your parent or guardian (subject to verification), and that the entry does not contain or incorporate the intellectual property and/or confidential information of any third party.

9. By submitting an entry and entering this contest, you hereby grant Instructables a perpetual, irrevocable, sublicenseable, worldwide, royalty free right to publish and distribute your entry for their promotional purposes.

10. Governing Law: All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of the official rules, or the rights of entrants, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with, the substance laws of the State of California and any applicable laws and regulations of the United States.


gamer (author)2008-04-05

umm... when is the winner list coming, and where is it gonna be posted?

fungus amungus (author)gamer2008-04-05

Check the forums.

gamer (author)fungus amungus2008-04-06

thanks :) -gamer

GorillazMiko (author)2008-03-13

AWESOME! I'm going to post so much stuff. You just watch!

gamer (author)GorillazMiko2008-04-05

where is all that stuff?

GorillazMiko (author)gamer2008-04-05

Never got the chance.... hahahaha!

killerjackalope (author)2008-03-31

Why was the contest re-opened, I had a look in the contest page to see when the judging was over and found that it was open again, did I miss that bit?

We're working through a bug in our contest system. Public voting is currently only open while the contest is open for entries. So, I moved the deadline for entries, but closed the contest for new entries. I know it's confusing and we're working on it.

Ah right, a quick workaround....

Brennn10 (author)2008-03-16

Just curious, what if the Instructable with the top number of votes, has the most page views?

1up (author)Brennn102008-03-29

They will win in whatever they are winning more in. For example: Say they have 50 votes, and the next Instructable has 35. They also have 5000 views, and the next Instructable has 4,900. They are winning more in the votes, so that is the one they will win.

1up (author)2008-03-29

You can enter more than one Instructable, right?

1up (author)1up2008-03-29

Oh, wait, nevermind! Just saw a previous comment!

nnygamer (author)2008-03-29

I got mine int, I guess better late then never! Mine is a bit useful at least and does fit in your pocket without any troubles.

guyfrom7up (author)2008-03-25

by votes does it mean rating or the vote now button?

The vote now button

Kiteman (author)2008-03-21

Are you allowed to enter previously-published 'ibles that haven't been entered into other contests?

fungus amungus (author)Kiteman2008-03-26

No, just new ones in the date period at the bottom.

maxxxem (author)2008-03-20

can you enter more that one entry??

fungus amungus (author)maxxxem2008-03-20


acaz93 (author)2008-03-13

international instructablers can also apply ?

fungus amungus (author)acaz932008-03-13

Yes. And if you win we just hope the knife gets to you.

comodore (author)fungus amungus2008-03-19

Do you have a picture of the knife, can you upload it! Thank you! :)

acaz93 (author)comodore2008-03-19


comodore (author)acaz932008-03-20

COOL!!! Thank you!!! Who is the runner up? I was I first by views, lol! :)

acaz93 (author)fungus amungus2008-03-14

are the prize one of those nifty utili-keysright?

Hopefully , Customs may think is one of those fake keys that arrive in junk mail ,
specially if sent in a mannila folder , or envelope ..

I.E: If I win how would you sent it to me (mail , DHL , In a folder , box etc. )?

fungus amungus (author)acaz932008-03-14

It would come packed with a shirt so maybe it won't be so weird. You get fake keys in junk mail? Weird.

acaz93 (author)fungus amungus2008-03-14

They're not That weird , they come in an envelope telling that you won a car or a boat (yes a boat!) , and what you need to "receive the prize" is sending 50 bucks to this and that.

a boat, awesome! at my house we have a door with a dummy lock, any thing can twist and open it, this is what i use my mail junk keys for, i had to file it down though,

that remembers me that about 1 year ago i sent 25 bucks to that crap , they just sent me more junk mail , and some coupons , no boat ,no plane , well , now i know what happens , lol

LinuxH4x0r (author)2008-03-17
comodore (author)2008-03-17

Visit my Instructable!!! It is cheap and easy to build. Useful and interesting. Also go to step 7 and learn more about IR remote control!!!

I've entered mine but I can't find it on the list of the participants

santy22 (author)2008-03-14

i am from argentina can i participate?? and what counts as pageviews??(i mean if ony registered users' views are pageviews)

fungus amungus (author)santy222008-03-14

Yes and pageviews aren't separated by registered users or not.

lordofthedonuts (author)2008-03-14

Awesome, I love speed contests! But hey there is so many rules, surely the first contest I see that have this much rules/disclaimers...

That same set of rules has been used for several contests already.

oh, i must not have seen the Step 1 on the other contest, well it's ok then ;p

Yeah, it's tucked away. If you ever need to pass out from boredom you can try reading the thole thing. :)

summit (author)2008-03-13

So we can only enter on April 13th?

fungus amungus (author)summit2008-03-13

The dates have been corrected. Still breaking in a new contest system, sorry about that.

summit (author)fungus amungus2008-03-14

No problems. Although this will be a tough one.

baces (author)2008-03-14

that is really awesome

zachninme (author)2008-03-13

Awesome! Hopefully perfect timing...

whatsisface (author)zachninme2008-03-14

How's that coming along anyway?

drummonkey92 (author)2008-03-14

i have a few small instructables (no pun intended) but im not sure whether to post them as individuals or as one very long instructable. any advice?

icinnamon (author)2008-03-13

So we can't actually enter it for another month? Or are the dates just wrong? Thanks...

fungus amungus (author)icinnamon2008-03-13

The dates have been corrected. Still breaking in a new contest system, sorry about that.

icinnamon (author)fungus amungus2008-03-13

No problem :) And is it just me or is the photo tool totally broken? I've tried linking from the web, uploading from my computer, and even a Flickr, account, but they all say something like the image was corrupted in transit... What's up? Thanks! :)

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