Picture of How To Enter the SINGER Kids Crafts Contest
Craft projects are excellent teaching tools - they help kids explore their creativity as they learn valuable hands-on skills. Summertime is the perfect time for crafting with, by, and for kids, so we've teamed up with Singer to bring you the SINGER Kids Crafts Contest!

Whether it's a collaborative family project, something you made for your kids, or something they made themselves, we want to see your kid-related crafts! Share them on Instructables, and you could win a Singer Professional Serger for use on your next project.

To enter, your Instructable must:
- explain how to make a kid-friendly craft project
- involve some sewing, either by hand or machine
- be made with, by, or for a kid

Remember that a good "kid craft" project is relatively quick and simple, yet produces great results! Be sure to include clear instructions, and plenty of sharp photos so even those too young to read can follow along. So clear off the craft table, find a young assistant or tester, and show us how it's done!

Prizes can only be shipped within the U.S.
Multiple entries are OK, but each entrant can only win one prize.

*Sewing machines are not toys. They are intended for use by persons 12 years and older.


Grand Prize
Singer Professional 14T968DC Serger.

Also an Instructables Robot t-shirt, patch, and stickers.

First Prize
Singer 2932 Sewing Machine

Also an Instructables Robot t-shirt, patch, and stickers.

Runner Up
Instructables Robot t-shirt, patch, and stickers.

Open to enter: August 5, 2009 12:01 AM PDT
Deadline for entries: September 14, 2009 11:59 PM PDT

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wocket5 years ago
sigh. yet another contest I'd love to enter with multiple instructables but don't see the point as I don't live in the USA
I'm really hoping to win. I want to start a home crafting business.
If you win, could you pay for shipping to the UK?
ChrysN6 years ago
"Prizes can only be shipped within the U.S."

Are international entries accepted?
That's kind of a bummer I always thought instructables had a sizable international following but hey... america.
canida ChrysN6 years ago
Yes, but you'll have to be creative on prize acquisition. ;)
So i live in Quebec,Canada. how do i ship my prize home?
moseph6 years ago
I want a serger so bad I can taste it!
DebH57 moseph6 years ago
LOL me too Moseph!
canida DebH576 years ago
Me too, but unfortunately I can't get one this way!
Sergers are just so useful. It's on my Christmas list. ;)
DebH576 years ago
I'm ready, I'm ready!
How young do you have to be to be classified as a "kid"?
I have like 5 ideas
! xD !6 years ago
Yay, a contest thats simple enough for me! xD