Picture of How To Enter the USB Contest
Consider the USB port! It transfers vital information, powers up your peripherals, and generally keeps you connected. Your USB ports do so much for you, it's time to give them the attention they deserve; that's why we're having a USB Contest!

The rule is simple: publish a new Instructable that involves a USB port. Anything goes, so long as it involves USB! Get creative, and let your imagination run wild. If there is a USB port in there somewhere it can be entered.

Just show us how you made something awesome, and win a custom laser-etched Leatherman Juice as well as our Instructables Prize Pack that includes one year of Pro membership, a Robot t-shirt, and more!

So get to it! The contest is wide open. We can't wait to see what you'll make.

  • Multiples entries are accepted, but each entrant can only win one prize
  • International entries are accepted


First Prize

Leatherman Juice S2 with your message laser-etched onto it.

Plus an Instructables Prize Pack which includes a one-year Pro membership, Robot t-shirt, patch, and more!

Runner Up Prize

An Instructables Prize Pack which includes a one-year Pro membership, Robot t-shirt, patch, and more!

Open to enter: June 2, 2010 12:01 AM PST
Deadline for entries: July 4, 2010 11:59 PM PST

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FethrdWlf5 years ago
I'm certainly going to enter! I don't even care if I lose, because, I know that people will have seen what I've done! All anyone else knows is that it involves a USB Port.
Any contest involving the win of a Leatherman product is a bonus. I've had my Leatherman "Wave" for years, and I never leave home without it!
godofal5 years ago
wow, this is kickass XD

one question though, i googled that Leatherman Juice S2 thingie, and it looks like a tool or something, is that right?

Not just a tool... A Multi-Tool!

Leatherman make amazing stuff!
Its like a pen knife
amando965 years ago
I do in fact have a fun project i made, but right now it uses PS/2, must make it USB and post it.
yamar355 years ago
Seems fun, hopefully I can hit up radio shack to get the few parts I need to finish the project before the fourth...
is this a world wide open contest or is it limited to the united states?
bo3bo35 years ago
Who are the judges?
Blastboy5 years ago
Can you make something out a device with usb(example usb cable adn trunign it into soemthign useful) or do you actually have to use a usb port from a computer. Im a little confused.
No computer required. A USB cable definitely involves USB.
Thnx man, i still have one question, how often do these contests occur is it every month or after every contests a new one appears.
9. By submitting an entry and entering this contest, you hereby grant Instructables and the betacup a perpetual, irrevocable, sublicenseable, worldwide, royalty free right to publish and distribute your entry for their promotional purposes.

"betacup" ?!? - is this just copied from the coffee cup contest?

Hopefully nobody takes my idea before I can get it published.

CameronSS5 years ago
LEATHERMAN SQUIRT WANT! Is this the P4, S4, or E4?

Time to get back to work on the project that's been on hold!
TSC5 years ago