How to Fake Cake for Pranks !!!




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Introduction: How to Fake Cake for Pranks !!!

I teach you how to make this great joke for fun with family and friends !!!

Step 1: For This Prank We Will Need:

  • A piece of foam about two centimeters thick.
  • Whipped cream.
  • Beads or pellets pastry.

  • Marker.

  • Scissors.

Step 2: We Will Start by Marking a Circle on Our Foam

Step 3: Then We Will Draw Lines to Form Eight Triangles of Equal Size.

Step 4: We Take Our Circle and With the Help Scissors Will Cut the Marked Lines Before.

Step 5: We Took Three of Our Triangles and Apply Whipped Cream Between Them to Form 3 Layers.

Step 6: Apply a Little More Whipped Cream Above and the Outer Edge to Coat Completely.

Step 7: We Apply Our Balls to Finish Pastry and Our Fake Cake Now Ready for Pranks.

Step 8: So When You Give Someone a Delicious Piece of Cake Wore a Fun Surprise !!!



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    u do realize how "Apply our balls" sounds right!

    You can use whipped cream !!! A greeting and thanks for commenting!

    You can use whipped cream !!! A greeting and thanks for commenting!

    Thanks friend for comment! A greeting!

    Oh no! Fake cake. That's the meanest prank ever :(

    1 reply

    Thanks for comment !!!! lol