How to Fake Cake for Pranks !!!





Introduction: How to Fake Cake for Pranks !!!

I teach you how to make this great joke for fun with family and friends !!!

Step 1: For This Prank We Will Need:

  • A piece of foam about two centimeters thick.
  • Whipped cream.
  • Beads or pellets pastry.

  • Marker.

  • Scissors.

Step 2: We Will Start by Marking a Circle on Our Foam

Step 3: Then We Will Draw Lines to Form Eight Triangles of Equal Size.

Step 4: We Take Our Circle and With the Help Scissors Will Cut the Marked Lines Before.

Step 5: We Took Three of Our Triangles and Apply Whipped Cream Between Them to Form 3 Layers.

Step 6: Apply a Little More Whipped Cream Above and the Outer Edge to Coat Completely.

Step 7: We Apply Our Balls to Finish Pastry and Our Fake Cake Now Ready for Pranks.

Step 8: So When You Give Someone a Delicious Piece of Cake Wore a Fun Surprise !!!



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u do realize how "Apply our balls" sounds right!

Only on problem, if they just shove it right in their mouth, the shaving foam if toxic to eat.

You can use whipped cream !!! A greeting and thanks for commenting!

You can use whipped cream !!! A greeting and thanks for commenting!


Thanks friend for comment! A greeting!

Oh no! Fake cake. That's the meanest prank ever :(

Thanks for comment !!!! lol