How To: Fast Cooling of Drinks

I'm fan of the coca-cola, but i like it cold.
But...My refrigerator has broken!!!
introducing:Fast Cooling of drinks
Video version from HouseHoldHacker server:

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Step 1: What You need:

Picture of What You need:
You need:
A saucepan
Cola for test

Step 2: Next

First, fill 1/3 of your saucepan by ice.
Next, fill another 1/3 of your saucepan by water(cold water recommended).
then add 2 big spoons of salt and mix all of it.
 Chilling Wine!!??!! BLASPHEMY!!!
minime123584 years ago
You can do it in a bout a minute if you stir it. And you use kosher salt
dodo915 years ago
HOUSEHOLD HACKER LIES! he has a youtube account. most of his vids are LIES! the hover shoes DONT work. almost nothing works. come on! you should watch this one video. it said you could get music onto empty disks by putting it over the playing music. and that you need a spongy material to obsorb the bad blah blah blah! i dont watch any more. sorry for sounding mean, im just waring all you people reading this. most of the time, he lies. sorry. this, on the other hand, works great! great instructable!

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