Introduction: How to Find Ore on Minecraft PE

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How to find ores on minecraft pe! I'm doing this in creative because I don't want it to take to long! I hope this helps

Step 1: Diging

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Start to dig downwards! Simple enough?

Step 2: Inventory

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Make sure you have : a chest, crafting table, furnace, torches, many picaxes, maybe some food, and a sword! This will make it easier for you so you don't have to keep going up to get resources

Step 3: Bedrock

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Make sure to go down to bedrock! Then go 7 blocks up. Start mining!

Step 4: Ores

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You should find ores soon! Remember ores may vary in different worlds! So for best results use seeds that are filled with ores

Step 5: Diamonds!

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After a long day of mining what is a better award than diamonds? YAAAY!!!!

Step 6: Tips

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So you don't go mentally insane:
•Listen to music
•Coal usually leads to good stuff
•Take breaks!
•If you can't find anything mine in a different spot!
I hoped this helped :)


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but I lost very valuable stuff?.

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But good guide

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:O woah

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