This Ible is mainly for the people that have just recently joined and are still learning the ropes. And this ible is also for the people who are still exploring the ibles site. 


 Once you first log on to your account the home page appears once you are logged on you press the YOU button at the top of the page.


 Ok so know you are there at your "home base" page so as you see with my home page there is 4 "tabs"  the YOU tab the INSTRUCTABLES tab the DISCUSSIONS tab and the SETTINGS tab you can customize your page by going to the SETTINGS tab the comments people have posted on your ibles or the comments people have replied to are in the DISCUSSIONS tab and the INSTRUCTABLES tab is were we are going.


 OK so I know that you are thinking this has nothing to do with the title but here is the key to my ible right here. So since you are already in your YOU tab now you saw the other tabs well CLICK on the INSTRUCTABLES tab and as you see in the picture all of your FINISHED ibles automatically come up as you see I have only three ibles (not including this one) one unfinished one and one that I am a collaborator on (favorites is a PRO perk). And as you can see in the picture that there is a small number beside each word that number tells you how many of each ible are in that tab (as shown in the picture) 

Step 4: THE END

 I hope this has helped new ibles members to get to know their page a little bit better. if there are any ideas to improve this ible I will be glad to hear any suggestions.

its..... working.
Very cool, nice instructable!!!
 thank you at least one person (so far) agrees with my thinking
<p>Your welcome :)<br /> <br /> Yeah, this is definitly a helpful instructable, maybe it'll clear up some of the amount of fourm topics and questions asking the same thing this instructale covers.</p>
&nbsp;its been only a couple hours since i posted it and it is already a hit lol
<p>Awesome, maybe it'll get more views than your others :)</p>
&nbsp;i think it will
That'd rock
&nbsp;well it is not like my other ibles have like a record amount&nbsp;
They still got a ton, one of them has 1003!!! The largest amount of views I have is 740
&nbsp;yeah my PVC flag poles have like 1010 last time i checked
Wow!!! That's pretty good.
&nbsp;thanks the first pic is my fave
Yeah, it came out good.<br /> <br /> BTW- you just made my 700th comment!!!!
&nbsp;dammit i am at 629
LOL<br /> <br /> Sorry :(..............OK, not really :)...............jk
&nbsp;630 lol tis ok&nbsp;
<p>I remember that used to I only had 140 and I couldn't get off that number for anything!</p>
&nbsp;ya me too but maybe i could get more off of these two new ibles BTW have a good april fools
Yeah<br /> <br /> Thanks!! You too!!!
&nbsp;yes loks around michevisiously
Blank comment? lol
&nbsp;sorry i was typing a blank thing
lol I didn't know you could type &quot;blank&quot;&nbsp; :)
&nbsp;well now you know eh
lol ya
&nbsp;dude i have like 85 views on my awesomeness ible
That rocks!!! My Funny Dog Pictures slideshow has hit 200 views :)
&nbsp;nice and i am proud to have at least 20 of those lol
Haha lol
&nbsp;indeed dude i finally have 5 best answers lol
:( dang, I got 1
&nbsp;tis okay
&nbsp;i know that was my main goal
Yeah, I&nbsp;think this is the first instructable that deals only with Collaborations, finished, and un-finished instructables.
&nbsp;lol thanks
Your Welcome :)
&nbsp;but you seriously checked?
Yeah, nothing like it yet
&nbsp;check out my brand new one the one on how to be awesome
Cool, I did, and rated it.
&nbsp;did you like it?
Yeah I did :)<br /> <br /> That one will also probably get a lot of views :)

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