Introduction: How To: Fire Breathing CornStarch Vs. Flour Vs. Sugar, Which Is Best..?

I hear see a lot about "Safe Fire Breathing" using Corn Starch... (Most of it it honestly pitiful... 1 Foot Fireballs and Such...)
However It brings about the question to me... "Is Corn Starch the Only/The Best solid fuel to do this with..? Well I am here to find out...

I test: 1stly.) Cornstarch (5 times) 2ndly.) Flour (5 Times) And lastly.) Powdered Sugar (5 Times)

They all work but you can judge for yourself which works best...

Now if you want to try fire breathing like this at home it's simple:

One, put the fuel into your mouth... (Corn Starch, Powdered Sugar... Ect.)

Two, get a flame (Preferably something big, like a torch) and hold it out about a foot in front of your mouth...

Three, treat the powder almost as if you were trying to spite it out like water (In a fine mist) and if all goes well, you should have fire... :D

Never do this when it windy, or in the direction of the wind... And Always have Water or something nearby for safety...

Be safe, and have fun :)


DentDeChat (author)2015-10-29

Wow this is great!

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