Introduction: How To: Lite Fire With Only Botteld Water...

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Hello, TrollFaceTheMan here to show you how to start a fire from something as simple as a bottle of water...
how can you do this you might ask..? Well where going to use the same Technique as how you might start a fire using a magnifying glass...

In the video I will give you a few pointers, and also show me successfully starting a fire with a bottle of water...

This skill could save your life, and it turns your simple bottle of water from a Hydration Source... To a potentially Life Determining, Source of Fire!

Some Tips:

1. Dark surfaces absorb more light which generates more heat, and thereby makes them easier to light... Example: (Black Paper is Easier to light then more reflective White paper...)

2. Bottle of water without ridges in them will refract light less, meaning it will be easier to get a nice focal point out of them, and get your fire going...

3. Clear bottles work better than tinted bottles... Because tinted bottles tend to absorb or reflect more light...

4. Be patient... Moving around your follicle point will just make getting a flame impossible...

5. When trying to get a fire going, always have dry kindling near by, and increase Branch size in increments... For instance, don't toss a log on a match head...

Hopefully you can bring out you inner survivalist and learn this potentially lifesaving skill yourself!

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DavidM111 (author)2015-09-13

I was making fires from dry twigs/excelsior and a (frequently-breakable) glass magnifying lenses 50 years ago, but not even 50 days ago would I have thought of making these ''ancient'' (i.e., pre-2010) fire-builder technique improvements. Kudos!

imagination-adventure79 (author)2014-05-12

That was really cool. I think I saw something like this done on that mid-eighties to early 90's tv show, MacGuyver, as kid. Thanks for sharing!

That's neat, did he also use a water bottle..?

It was so long ago but I kind of remember it being a glass bottle with either water or a highly transparent liquid. After all these years I thought it was just a hokey solution for that particular show, yet you clearly demonstrate that it's completely possible.

I am an art teacher so I like to experiment. TOTALLY trying your method this summer!

Well I am glad to hear it! And thanks for letting me know you liked it. :D

Tarun Upadhyaya (author)2014-05-09

Super cool and cleaver :)

Thank you :)

Chikpeas Brother (author)2014-05-08

Great video! :D


Wolfbane221 (author)2014-05-08

You can also use the bottom of a soda can of you can find something to polish it and are patient. It's a lot easier to find the focal point

I heard that chocolate can be used to polish it. The oils in it are supposed to work nicely.

This is very clever! You're getting really good at making videos too! :)

Thank you I appreciate that, kind people like you help me make Better and Better content. :)

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