Picture of How To Fix A Door Latch
Maybe you have some trouble like the picture, when you want to install a door latch because the side of the door have different thickness.
Others maybe use a piece of wood to fix it. But I prefer not to use it for some reason like to find, cut, make sure the wood have correct size, and etc.
Fortunately, I still keep some washers, so why I'm not doing something different.
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Step 1: Material Lists

Picture of Material Lists
- One set of door latch (including screw)
- Some washers (see picture)
- Screwdriver

Step 2: Insert The Ring

Picture of Insert The Ring
In my case, I need insert 3 pieces of the washers in each side of the latch. You may add or reduce the amount of washers.

Step 3: Insert the latch, washers and screws in place

Picture of Insert the latch, washers and screws in place
Each side have washers

Step 4: Trim washers position

Picture of Trim washers position
While screws, slide the washers slightly to fit into the latch, especially for the washers at the bottom

Step 5: Completed

Picture of Completed
Now you can lock the latch properly