I bought a 1996 Honda Civic EX.
The plastic latch to pop the hood was broke off, but I was still able to pull the cable with pliers.

I was thinking to get a new Cable release handle from a scrapyard but what if it break again...
So i decided to make one that would not break somehow.

Step 1:

This was my solution to the problem. A T-Handle Tap Wrench.
<p>This is exactly the kind of solution I was looking for. Thank you. Will try it out next week &amp; report back.</p>
Ha thats a great idea<br>I had the same problem but i would just keep one of my football gloves near it and put it on for extra gip and pull<br>Its very easy
<p>Great idea. We have the same problem with our Civic. Keep a small pliers in there for now, but definitely going to use this great solution you came up with! Thank you</p>

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