How to Fix Digital Calipers





Introduction: How to Fix Digital Calipers

In this instructable I will show you how to fix calipers that show a false value. It's worked for me and some other people and it should work for you.
The reason that it shows incorrect values is because is uses capacitance to measure the value and the circuit board van sometimes touch the metal.

Parts and tools:
Broken calipers
Small Phillips head screw driver

Step 1: Take Off Label

On the back of your calipers there should be a sticker that says metr. ISO take that sticker off and you will find screws under it.

Step 2: Take Off Screws

Unscrew the 4 screws then take the front off of the calipers and turn it around. You should see a circuit board that looks like this.

Step 3: Tape

Put a small piece of tape over the circuit board I used masking tape but scotch tape also works.

Step 4: Screw Screws

Screw the screws that you removed earlier and place the label on I left the label off because it didn't stick to the back.

Step 5: Thanks!

Thanks for viewing this instructable! I hope this worked for you!



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I am a little confused... Step 3: tape, picture is blurry, I can't see any tape. My calipers are composite (non-metalic), so where do I tape them to make it work? I tried several different areas of tape, including the whole thing, but it still reads crappy with lots of errors.

WOW!! it did worked. though error is getting accumulated. any suggestion?

Thanks a bunch. yuhuuuu! My calipers works now !!!

it worked for me thanks

I was frustrated with two of my calipers bought from China.
Both of them are now working perfectly simply applying small pieces of scotch
tape as described above. Thanks a lot.

WOW!! So simple and it works!!! My caliper never displayed correctly past 50mm, now working spot on the hole length! Thank you, I was just about to order a new one!

Silverline calipers rescued and working, after using this fix. I did have to remember to put back 2 rubber blades at the ends of the housing which appear to wipe the scale. The hardest part of the fix was sticking the label back on. Good tutorial!

Well I tried the fix maybe someone forgot a step. When I took my calpers apart

I found two (2) copper strips. both a mess lots of corrosion clean the copper up and guess what the calpers with fresh battery SR44W back in service.

Brilliant! Sealey calipers that have always been erratic then stopped working at all. Now fine.


I bought German made caliber which was messing up readings out of the box, I try cleaning it up first and oiling the rail but anything did not work. Then I found this article, did the trick and it works perfectly. It's like whole different caliber now. Now it always comes back to zero. Thank you for this tutorial!