Introduction: How to Fix That Mess in Your Toolbox

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Remember when you had to find a wrench and after looking for an hour you finally found it- in the bottom of your toolbox!

Well i have a solution to fix that mess.

Step 1: Take It All Out

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Carefully dump the contents of your toolbox out. Make sure everything comes out.

Step 2: Sorting

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Now, take all the garbage out and throw it away. Then, separate the leftover stuff from tools and other stuff, and take the stuff that doesn't belong in there out of it all

Step 3: Apply to Toolbox

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Now put the tools into the pockets of the toolbox and put things like wires in the bottom and put things like screws in extra pockets.

Step 4: Put Others Away

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Now throw out the trash and put away those don't belongs.

Step 5: Vote!

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Please please please vote for me in the BlackDecker fixing/repairing contest!!!!!!!


desoi (author)2014-09-05

very good and gets my vote!

seamster (author)2014-09-04

A little organization is always good to improve your tool box. Thanks for sharing this!

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