I used Media Go, and did some of the tricks to get an unsupported video files to work on my PSP.

This is all my steps that I did, when I first got my unsupported video files to work on my PSP. It works 100% with all my video files onto my PSP Portable

Things you will need:
*Media Go Download*
*Keep Vid for downloading Youtube URL Videos*

Step 1: Find Videos You Like on Youtube

Go to Youtube, and find your favorite videos you like. Then hit right-click on your mouse, and copy the Youtube URL

will this work if i copy a video from my ps3?
It will be OK if the format is supported by PSP Portable, or you need to convert it firstly with some tool, both <a href="http://www.wondershare.com/pro/video-converter-ultimate.html" rel="nofollow">desktop</a> and <a href="http://www.zamzar.com" rel="nofollow">online</a> tool available.
does it need to be from keepvid can i use clone2go<br>
Instead of using Keepvid, could you use Tooble, or media-convert?<br /> <br />

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